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August 16th, 2023 – Procurement Weekly Digest #20

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Today is the 20th edition of our weekly Procurement Tactics digest. In this email, we’ll keep you up to date on everything a procurement professional should know.

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1. This week’s procurement news

"McKinsey: Procurement AI to tackle semiconductor demand"

Read full article here

"UK ministers miss small business procurement spending target"

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"Amazon Business can be digital future for procurement"

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2. New & popular articles this week 📚

1. Supply Chain Collaboration — The Ultimate Guide of 2023
We will tell you the benefits you can gain in supply chain collaboration. Additionally, we will show you the steps and give you examples of a successful supply chain collaboration.

Updated: 14-08-2023

2. Integrative Negotiation — 3 Powerful Strategies + 2 Examples
The integrative negotiation style refers to a commitment to achieving a win-win outcome for all parties involved. This approach is also known as interest-based bargaining or win-win bargaining.

Updated: 13-08-2023

3. The Best Procurement Books of 2023
Once you’re done reading this article, you should know what the best procurement books are and have an idea on what to buy for reference!

Updated: 15-08-2023

3. What we’re working on 📊

We are currently wrapping up the Mini-MBA for Procurement Professionals. It’s unlike anything you’ve seen from us before.

We are currently editing the final lessons and we’re expecting to launch it in the next couple of weeks. If you purchase the Access To All License you’ll automatically gain access to the material once it’s live.

4. Image to make your colleagues smile 👇

7 reasons why businesses should invest in their procurement department

Review of the week

“The Negotiation Course for Procurement Professionals is a great online course! I learned how better and easier preparation can help me to close better deals and how to transform data into negotiation power! I would recommend the course to anyone!”

– Niels de Jong

That was it for this Procurement Tactics Weekly Digest. I hope you enjoyed it. Have a great week!

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