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August 23rd, 2023 – Procurement Weekly Digest #21

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Today is the 21st edition of our weekly Procurement Tactics digest. In this email, we’ll keep you up to date on everything a procurement professional should know.

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1. This week’s procurement news

"South Australian government introduces new sustainable procurement policy"

Read full article here

"Why AI may not be taking over procurement just yet"

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"SAP: Three mistakes being made in category management"

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2. New & popular articles this week 📚

1. Ethical Sourcing – Everything You Should Know In 2023
As a procurement manager, ethical sourcing is a must. Because we are not just working towards growing our business, but it is also our responsibility. We can all do business without endangering the one planet where we live.

Updated: 20-08-2023

2. Procurement Policy & Procedures – The Ultimate Guide 2023
For a procurement manager, the procurement policy and procedures are two of the most important documents for the procurement process. Without those documents, your procurement process is sorely lacking in core policies and standards.

Updated: 21-08-2023

3. Blockchain in Procurement — The Ultimate Guide of 2023
We know that you have heard this word due to the popularity of cryptocurrency nowadays. Blockchain is greatly associated with cryptocurrency and non-fungible tokens (NFT). However, there is more to it.

Updated: 21-08-2023

3. What we’re working on 📊

We’re excited! We officially launched the Mini-MBA for Procurement Professionals. It’s unlike anything you’ve seen from us before.

A Master’s degree in procurement goes beyond surface-level knowledge and delves deep into the intricacies of procurement principles, strategies, best practices, and emerging trends. It provides you with a comprehensive understanding that can truly elevate your expertise in the field.

The Mini-MBA contains:

  1. A foundational understanding of procurement strategy
  2. Internal analysis of the procurement organization
  3. External analysis of the business environment and competitiveness outside the organization
  4. Strategic planning versus emergent strategies
  5. Developing and utilizing balanced scorecards
  6. Corporate Governance and Stakeholder Engagement
  7. Business ethics
  8. Competition in international business in the context of procurement
  9. Developments that can impact the strategic management

4. Image to make your colleagues smile 👇

Procurement Wizard

Review of the week

“I recently took the Sustainable Procurement Course through the Procurement Tactics online learning platform and it was excellent! The course is a carefully curated and brilliantly presented educational examination of the importance of sustainable procurement and how its practices can be implemented in an organization.

The course provides a comprehensive teaching of the subject matter along with examples of how to implement what is being learned into practice.

Additionally, the course contains links to helpful external sites, additional learning opportunities and a plethora of resources; such as case studies of how sustainable procurement practices have been implemented by major companies.

I am very glad to have taken this course and would seriously consider taking another Procurement Tactics course in the future.”

– Jorge Romeu

That was it for this Procurement Tactics Weekly Digest. I hope you enjoyed it. Have a great week!

Marijn Overvest
Founder Procurement Tactics

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