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The Negotiation Course for Procurement Professionals is a great online course! I learned how better and easier preparation can help me to close better deals and how to transform data into negotiation power! I would recommend the course to anyone!

Niels de Jong

Senior Coffee Buyer

The courses of Procurement Tactics have been a valuable experience. They’re high-quality and provide a lot of actionable insights I could leverage in my daily work as a sourcing manager. If you’re a sourcing professional, I would recommend it!

Ruben Nieuwenhuijs

Sourcing Manager
Co-Partner & Hollandse Kaas

Procurement Tactics helped my Sourcing team to construct a sharp 2023 Procurement Strategy to counter the current challenges. I am very happy with the results and am confident my team will deliver better results after the help of Procurement Tactics!

Marco de Jager

Managing Director
Vitacress Real

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Sustainable Procurement — The Ultimate Guide of 2023

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Procurement Process in 5 Ideal Steps: The Ultimate Template

Procurement Process in 5 Ideal Steps: The Ultimate Template

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Negotiation Styles  | 11 Powerful Types You Must Know About

Negotiation Styles | 11 Powerful Types You Must Know About

Procurement success in 2023 with our Strategy CourseNegotiation Styles – 11 Powerful Types You Must Know AboutThe negotiation style of your opponent should have a big impact on your strategy. Negotiation situations can often be tense. In these circumstances, most...


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Accommodation Negotiation

AI in Procurement

Australia Export Statistics

Avoidance Negotiation

Bargaining Power


Become a Procurement Game Changer

Best Negotiators

Bill of Materials

Blockchain in Procurement

Business Negotiation

Carrots and Sticks

Category Management Procurement

Centralized Purchasing

ChatGPT in Procurement

Chief Procurement Officer

China Export Statistics

China Sourcing


Compare Proposal

Compromising Negotiation

Conditional Proposals

Consciously Incompetent Model

Construction Procurement

Construction RFP

Container Price Crisis

Contract Lifecycle Management Software

Contract Management

Contract Management in Procurement

Contract Management Process

Contracting Phase

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility within Procurement

Cost Avoidance vs Cost Savings

Cost-effectiveness vs Cost-efficiency

Current Sourcing

Deal Sourcing

Defense Procurement

Digital procurement

Digital Supply Chain

Direct Sourcing

Distributive Negotiation

Dual Sourcing

E sourcing





Energy Procurement

ERP Software in Procurement

Ethical Sourcing

Fabric Sourcing

Face Negotiation Theory

Financial Supply Chain

Fleet Procurement

Forked-Tail Effect

Freelance Procurement

Get in Your Negotiation Counterpart’s Mind

Global Procurement

Government Procurement

Greek Negotiations

Green Procurement

Group Purchasing Organizations

Haggling Strategy

Head of Procurement

How to Negotiate Salary

Import Export Statistics

India Export Statistics

Indirect Procurement

Integrative Negotiation

International Negotiation

Inventory Holding Cost

Invoice Management

IT Procurement

Just in Time Inventory

KPIs in Supply Chain

Kraljic Matrix

Lean Inventory

Like, Intent, Breakpoint

Local Sourcing

Logistics in Procurement

Logistics Statistics

Logrolling Negotiation

Manufacturing Sourcing Company In India

Material Procurement

Mediation vs Negotiation

MRO in Procurement

Multiple Sourcing

Negotiate Online

Negotiating in Business

Negotiation Anchoring

Negotiation Books

Negotiation Checklist

Negotiation Concessions

Negotiation Examples

Negotiation Games

Negotiation Lessons from Squid Game

Negotiation Lying

Negotiation Mistakes

Negotiation Movies

Negotiation Myths

Negotiation Phase

Negotiation Power

Negotiation Principles

Negotiation Preparation

Negotiation Preparation Checklist

Negotiation Process

Negotiation Quotes

Negotiation Skills

Negotiation Speakers

Negotiation Statistics

Negotiation Styles

Negotiation Tactics

Negotiation Teams

Negotiation Terminology

Negotiation Tooling

Negotiation Training

Non Negotiable

Operational Procurement

Outsourcing Statistics

Porters 5 Forces In Procurement

Price Negotiation

Principled Negotiation

Principles of Persuasion


Procurement Amazon

Procurement Analyst

Procurement Analytics

Procurement and Purchasing Strategy

Procurement Assistant

Procurement Best Practices

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Procurement Blog

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Procurement Course

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Procurement Definition

Procurement Degree

Procurement Department

Procurement Executive

Procurement Experts

Procurement For Non-Profits

Salary Negotiation Statistics

SAP Procurement

Selecting A Vendor

Smart Procurement

Sole Sourcing

Sole Sourcing vs Single Sourcing

Sourcing Agency

Sourcing Agent

Sourcing Jobs

Sourcing Market Research

Sourcing Materials

Sourcing Process

Sourcing Services

Sourcing Software

Sourcing Specialist

Spend Analytics

Spend Management

Spend Under Management

Spot Buying

Strategic Procurement

Strategic Sourcing

Strategic Sourcing Manager

Strategic Sourcing Process

Supplier Integration

Supplier Management

Supplier Networks

Supplier Plotting

Supplier Relationship Management

Supplier Sourcing

Supplier Onboarding

Supplier Questionnaire

Supplier Relationship Management Software

Suppliers Evaluation

Supply Chain Collaboration

Supply Chain Consulting Firms

Supply Chain Interview Questions

Supply Chain Planning

Supply Chain Statistics

Sustainable Business

Sustainable Logistics

Sustainable Manufacturing

Sustainable Packaging

Sustainable Procurement

Sustainable Procurement — 7 Real Life Examples

Sustainable Procurement Analysis

Sustainable Procurement Business Examples

Sustainable Procurement Operations

Sustainable Procurement Policy

Sustainable Procurement Requirements

Sustainable Procurement Statistics

Sustainable Purchasing

Sustainable Sourcing

Sustainable Supply Chain

Sustainable Supply Chain Best Practices

Sustainable Supply Chain Consulting

Sustainable Supply Chain Courses

Tail Spending

The Move Planner

The Shift Towards Sustainability While Maintaining High Profitability

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Ukraine’s Import Statistics

United Kingdom Export Statistics

Value Based Purchasing

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World Sustainable Procurement Day

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