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US Stone Supplier Everything You Should Know

US Stone Industryand Applications

The US stone industry is a major economic driver generating billions of dollars in revenue each year and employing hundreds of thousands of people. Additionally, the industry is a sustainable one as natural stones are recyclable and reusable.

It is divided into two main sectors: the construction sector and the decorative sector.

The construction sector uses natural stones for a variety of purposes such as building foundations, exterior walls, interior walls, floors, countertops, stairs, railings, and cladding. 

Durability, strength, and beauty are the top values of natural stones in the construction industry. They are also relatively low-maintenance making them a popular choice for both commercial and residential construction.

The decorative sector uses natural stones to create a variety of effects such as rustic or natural look, a luxurious or elegant look, or a modern or contemporary look. Natural stones can be used to create both functional and decorative elements in a home such as fireplaces, kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, flooring, walls, patios, and garden features.

For centuries, humans have been using stone for a wide variety of purposes. Now, through technology, the demand and usage for stone evolve in many ways. These are the top industries in which stone is an essential element in their daily operation.

1. Construction

Stone is one of the most popular materials used in construction. Its purposes include the following:

  • Foundations

Stone is a strong and durable material that suits well  in foundations. It is also resistant to weathering and erosion making it a good choice for areas that are prone to flooding or other extreme weather conditions.

  • Walls

Stone is often used for building walls, both exterior and interior. It is a versatile material that can be used to create a variety of different looks, from rustic to elegant.

  • Cladding

Stone cladding gives the building a more attractive appearance and helps improve its insulation properties.

  • Paving

Stone is a popular choice for paving walkways, patios, and driveways. It is a durable material that can withstand heavy foot traffic and is also relatively easy to maintain.

2. Industrial

Stone is also used in a variety of industrial applications:

  • Grinding Medium

Stone is a good grinding medium in industrial mills as it is a hard and durable material that can withstand the high-pressure forces that are generated during grinding.

  • Aggregates

When mixed with water, cement, and asphalt, stone’s durability and strength doubles the sturdiness of building foundations. Thus, making it a good aggregates element in industrial applications.

  • Fluxes

Limestone is an important element in the steelmaking process as it removes steel impurities and improves its quality.

3. Other applications

In addition to construction and industrial applications, stone is also essential in other fields such as:

  • Monuments

Stone is a popular material for use in monuments and memorials. It is a durable material that can withstand the elements for centuries.

  • Sculpture

Due to its versatility, stone makes a good canvas in sculpting as sculptors can carve different shapes and forms on it. 

  • Jewelry

Some types of stone such as jade and agate are used in jewelry. These stones are prized for their beauty and durability.

4 StoneBenefits

Stone’s benefits are countless due to its wide application in various industries and a popular sustainable item

1. Durability

Stone is a very durable material that can withstand the elements for centuries. This makes it a good choice for use in areas that are prone to weathering or erosion.

2. Strength

Stone is a strong material that can support heavy loads. This makes it a good choice for use in foundations, walls, and other structural applications.

3. Aesthetics

Stone is a beautiful material that can add a touch of elegance to any building or landscape. There are many different types of stone available so you can find one that suits your specific needs and preferences.

4. Sustainability

Stone is a sustainable material that can be recycled and reused. This makes it a good choice for projects that are designed to be environmentally friendly.

Overall, stone is an important element in a wide variety of industries and applications, and its popularity will highly continue to grow in the coming years

Useful Stone Typesin the US Industry

Some of the most popular types of natural stones used in the US stone industry include:

1. Granite

A hard and durable stone that is available in a variety of colors. It is often used for countertops, flooring, and exterior walls.

2. Marble

A softer stone known for its beauty and elegance. It’s a good element for countertops, flooring, and fireplaces.

3. Limestone

A multi-purpose and versatile stone. It’s a good ingredient for making flooring, walls, and furniture

4. Sandstone

A porous stone for decorative purposes. You often see it in fireplaces, walls, and patios.

5. Travertine

A type of limestone that is characterized by its honeycomb-like appearance. It is often used for flooring, walls, and fountains.

Overall, the future of the US stone industry is promising as the demand for natural stones continues to grow and with the gradual shift to sustainable practices, the need for stone and its marketability is a big driving force in the economy.

The Top 6 USStone Suppliers

Natural stone is a popular choice for both interior and exterior applications and the United States is home to some of the leading stone supplier companies in the world. Here is a list of the top US stone supplier companies

Swenson Granite US Stone Supplier

1. Swenson Granite

This family-owned and operated company from Concord, New Hampshire has been in business for over 130 years. 

John Swenson, a Swedish immigrant, founded Swenson Granite in 1883. The company specializes in crafting uniform products like curbing or designing an outdoor living space. Now, they have store locations across Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, and Connecticut.

As part of the Polycor Group and its sustainable goals, SG strives to be carbon neutral by the end of 2025. Your next landscape project might come from these top customer picks:

  • Circular Outdoor Decorative Stepping Stones with Ground Stakes – Beige Limestone Color priced at $89.80
  • Stone Pebbles Garden Tank Walkway Glow in Aquarium Dark Patio & Garden ( 150 pcs )  priced at $11.80
  • Garden Patio Granite Grey Fiberglass Stone priced at $182.21

Customer Reviews

‘Hey, these guys really know how to make you feel your business is appreciated. Quick pick-up of the phone, never where put out, and even a little chit chat wanting to get to know you. I bought a 30″ compass rose for my walkway, pictures to follow.’John B.

‘We purchased a custom granite mailbox post from Swenson Granite’s CT store and received fabulous service throughout–from selection, to purchase/ordering, delivery and installation (in Warwick, NY).  Peter, the driver/setter, was especially helpful, patient and knowledgeable… and quite skilled in maneuvering an oversized post into a difficult spot.  Great team, good service.’ Marc Z.

‘We went in knowing only that we wanted to purchase a granite mailbox post. Little did we know how many options might be available. The staff member took the time to research one item he thought was not available, but voila, it was. Happy!’ Robbie G.

Pete Rose Inc US Stone Supplier

2. Pete Rose Inc.

Pete Rose, Inc. is Richmond’s premier destination for landscaping products. Their key items are topsoil, compost, mixed soil, mulches, gravels, and river rock. Additionally, they have a full line of natural hardscaping stone and concrete paver products such as Techo-Bloc, Belgard, and Eldorado Stone.

Furthermore,they are a leading supplier of granite countertops, slabs, and tiles. Not only that, Pete Rose also offers fabrication, installation, and finishing services. Your walkway stone collection might need some these top items:

  • Eldorado Stone Alderwood Color priced at $17.99 per sqft.
  • Cobblestone priced at $18.99 per sqft.
  • Trim Stone priced at $6.99 each

Customer Reviews

‘I’ve continued to return to Pete Rose when the need arises as they continue to bring the expertise and quality in a timely manner. We ordered 7 tons of 1/2″ river blend and had it delivered in our rear yard with alley access. Matt came out and asked where to dump it and my entire family was astounded to watch him drop it EXACTLY in the right spot, with no room to spare! We were so impressed everyone was laughing and we took a pic to show our friends and family lol’ Ryan Foster

‘I made several trips there to purchase pavers and stone for a pretty small patio project (pictured) and every time the guy at the counter, thinking his name was Andrew, gave me very excellent and detailed advice far beyond what I deserved. Couldn’t have done it without him and glad I went there for their quality products! Also the bulk rock sales are super affordable.’ Jordan Smith 

‘Matt delivered our products today. He was simply amazing! He was so precise and was so knowledgeable about his job. His delivery of the rocks were impeccable! He answered questions and really took the time to explain things to me and my son! I will certainly order from Pete Rose again!’Bellamy Caulden DiCerbo

North Carolina Granite Corporation US Stone Supplier

3. North Carolina Granite Corporation

The North Carolina Granite Corporation’s establishment was on the site of the famous Mount Airy White Granite quarry. Its first operation was in 1743 by the Brothers of the Moravian Church who came to this region from Germany. Operations back then were limited due to lack of equipment and technology. 

Since then, NCGC’s ownership passed through many hands over the next hundred years until 1889. Mr. Thomas Woodroffe led the Cape Fear and Yadkin Valley Railroad construction. He used the stone from the Mount Airy Quarry and purchased the quarry site. 

Additionally, he organized the North Carolina Granite Company on May 14, 1889. The operation continues evolving with the technology and markets. Today, NCGC is a proud Polycor ( the world’s largest dimension stone quarry company) member after its acquisition in 2021. NCGC produces its high-quality granite straight from the quarry and these are its top products:

  • Eldorado Stone priced at $22.99 per sqft
  • Tribeca Cobble priced at $14.10
  • Cobblestone priced at $389

Customer Reviews

‘They have provided a lot of stones for architecture projects, but I use them for gravel. The white stones don’t get as hot in the summer, and really make a driveway look good. They sell gravel by size, so sometimes the size isn’t available, but they’ve been good about following up when available. Oh, and if you’re in town and haven’t ever been to the “hole”, it’s quite impressive.’ Jay Brown

‘Amazing field of white granite! Our Mayberry campground sites were graveled with this granite and it looked so nice.’ Tina Nesmith

‘It’s a pretty expansive sight – beautiful white stone with black flecks stretching out before you!’Sherita Jarrell


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Affordable Granite and Stone US Stone Supplier

4. Affordable Granite and Stone

With 30 years working experience in his career belt, Mickey Petrovic started Affordable Granite and Stone in 2018. Building customer relationships is the company’s main vision, so they work hard to provide the best services and items available at reasonable prices. 

They offer pre-fabricated, flat polished, or bull-nose granite, and stone. These come in multiple options at multiple sizes starting from their:

  • 26*111 inches
  • 36*108 inches
  • 42*108 inches
  • 52*108 inches

Additionally, these are their best sellers picks:

  • Arizona Black 36*108 inches priced at $749
  • Salt and Pepper 26*111 inches priced at $389
  • Bello Doma 26*111 inches priced at $429

Customer Reviews

‘From beginning to end, they were wonderful. They have a large selection of Granite, however we didn’t find exactly what we were looking for, so they referred us to Coldspring and we found the perfect stone for us. Affordable Granite worked with Coldspring to get the slabs we needed sent to them in Hopkins. A super nice guy came out to measure, and answered a lot of my questions. When it was time for the installation two more really polite and nice young men came out. They did an awesome job. The quality of the workmanship is just amazing. Each corner and cutout is perfect. The quality of the finished granite is also just beautiful!’ Mary Jane .

‘They did well. We did have one problem with the backsplash where it met the counter top, it was a little jaded and it didn’t seem to be really finished off so they had to come back and kind of sew it so that it looked more finished. They did that just fine. They were very professional and they were younger guys. They did a good job and they cleaned up after themselves. I will use them in the future.’ Gregory O.

‘Received a quote from Bob W. Have not given him the order yet. Have used them in the past and were very pleased with them. Bigger job this time. Their prices are right in line with everyone else. But unlike some of their competitors, they do not gouge you for minimum sq. ft.’Mary Kay B.

Natural Stone Source US Stone Supplier

5. Natural Stone Source

20 years ago, Natural Stone Source started as a small shop on a dirt lot in Santa Maria, California. Since then, it flourished through innovation and technology catering for homeowners, architects, designers, and contractors. 

While countertop installation and fabrication services are their forte, their inventory of over 30 stone items both in their website and showroom are available for your walkway, patio, swimming pool, and other house and building needs. These come in three various thickness:

  • 1.6 cm
  • 2 cm
  • 3 cm

Don’t forget to check their top products:

  • Glacier Marble priced at $37.99
  • Square Cut Flagstone – Sombre priced at $16.59
  • Square Cut Flagstone – Dove Grey priced at $10.99 

Customer Reviews

‘Mike and Ken were great!! Very Helpful!! Installers did a great job.’ Ray Ambler

“We were totally impressed with the selection and service! John assists in directing us to proper materials for our needs. China was super and helpful for a smooth transaction.  This is the beginning…now onto the kitchen and bathroom. Highly recommend Natural Stone Source👍’Carmen Enciso

‘Really love how beautiful their Showroom is and the professional Staff.’Matt Escobedo

Highland Landscape Supply Inc US Stone Supplier

6. Highland Landscape Supply, Inc.

This company from Ohio carries only the finest products and offers a wide variety of colors, styles, shapes, and sizes. Masonry hardscaping products, landscaping materials, tools, aggregates, cement products, and natural stone products are all available in their inventory for your convenience. 

Additionally, their website offers discounted promos on some items so, be sure to browse for your potential liking. What’s more? They offer bulk products at reasonable prices. Your next garden renovation project might need any of these:

  • #9 Limestone priced at $64.99
  • #8 Washed Pea Gravel priced at $56.99
  • Mixed Boulders priced at $0.29

Customer Reviews

‘On Friday afternoon, I called in a delivery of crushed limestone for delivery. They had it for me before 10am on the following day. Great service, I would recommend it.’Matthew C. Mayfield

‘Ordered a couple tons of rock and got it quickly and not too expensive!! Very friendly people!’ Beth Smith

‘Great place to get your landscaping materials. The top soil I received was beautiful! It was screened clean of all rocks and debris and fertile. I pulled up and was loaded right away. A few hours later I called back because I needed more and Mel, after leaving the shop, returned and loaded me again! Great customer service!!! He even took the time to explain a bit of his operation and showed me how they blend and screen their products. If you need landscaping materials definitely go see Mel!’ Jenner

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