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"Great online course for procurement professionals"

The Negotiation Course for Procurement Professionals is a great online course for procurement professionals who want to stay ahead of current trends & digitalization. I learned how better and easier preparation can help me to close better deals and how to transform data into negotiation power! I would recommend the course to anyone interested in margin improvement in their organization.

Rinse – Procurement Manager

"The courses are very well structured"

“I highly recommend the Procurement Tactics courses to any procurement professional who would like to improve their negotiation skills. The real-life negotiation examples in the course helped my team to tackle specific negotiation challenges easier. The courses are very well structured and based on solid academic knowledge. Substance over form in a very user-friendly way.”

Sam – Sourcing Director

"Easy to follow with realistic examples"

“I learned how better preparation can help me to add value to the business and grow to the next level in my role as a negotiator. I would fully recommend the Procurement Tactics certificate course to any procurement professional. It is very easy to follow and provides realistic real life examples of how easy strategies can be implemented to drive better deal results.”

Alex – Negotiation Consultant

"It really helped me to construct better deals"

“I didn’t feel asking for a promotion to become a Senior Procurement Manager, because I wasn’t sure if already had the skills to take on bigger deals. A friend recommended me the certificate course of Procurement Tactics, and I am glad he did. It really helped me to construct better deals. It got me confident enough to apply for the Senior position. And yes, I got it!”

Adam – Senior Procurement Manager

"The quality was really above my expectations"

“As a freelance procurement specialist, it’s important to stay up to date. I found the Procurement Tactics courses via Google, and I decided to give it a go. The quality was really above my expectations. I loved the real-world examples combined with the templates. I Would recommend it to everybody who wants to sharpen his or her procurement game!”

Linh – Freelance Procurement Specialist

"It was a great wake-up call for everyone in the team"

“I want to keep my team sharp and I like to refresh them with new procurement strategies. When one of my team members told me about the courses of Procurement Tactics, I got on a short call with Marijn to discuss the details of the program. 2 months later my entire team completed the course, it was a great wake-up call for everyone in the team. Including myself!”

Joshua – Chief Procurement Officer

Negotiation Course
For Procurement Professionals

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Rated 9.2/10 ★★★★★

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