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Having access to Procurement Tactics enables members to grow in their careers by continuously expanding their skill set with in-demand procurement skills and bringing these into their job.

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If new information isn’t applied, we’ll forget about 75% of it after just six days (forgetting curve).

With the Tell-Show-Do-Apply methodology at the core of our procurement training courses, learning experiences are designed to retain knowledge and maximum learning impact.

Learning journeys naturally flow from building knowledge through video lessons (tell + show) to practicing its application and building skill with hands-on exercises and assignments (do + apply).

What Procurement Tactics members get

100% Online & engaging

All our training courses are 100% online and self-paced so that you can learn on your own time. No fixed class-schedules.

Everything is designed to be engaging, in-depth, and highly practical to help learners bring their skills into practice and boost their impact immediately.

Hands-on labs

Each case study and assignment places learners into specific scenarios that help apply previous learnings in a simulated scenario.

By completing the labs, learners get comfortable applying their skills in real-world scenarios and are enabled to transfer learning into their job.

Resource Library

Never start from scratch and save valuable time using off-the-shelf templates, playbooks, guides, and tools.

The procurement resource library is designed to provide members with on-the-job support through super practical resources that are free to be used in any way possible.

resource library

Personal coach

It is our coaches’ mission to help members reach their learning goals and ultimately become successful in their careers.

A coach is assigned to each full access member and will be there to assist in any way they can.

Accredited education

Procurement Tactics offers official certificates after completion of the courses.

Boot Camp Overview

Procurement Boot Camps

Procurement Boot Camps are targeted skill-building programs that combine teamwork, accountability, and concrete deliverables to drive better deal results and assemble high-performing procurement teams.

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What our clients say

★★★★★ 4.6 star reviews from our clients on Trustpilot

The Negotiation Course for Procurement Professionals is a great online course! I learned how better and easier preparation can help me to close better deals and how to transform data into negotiation power! I would recommend the course to anyone!


Senior Coffee Buyer Koffievoordeel

Niels de Jong

It was really good and useful for me and my business approach to suppliers I work with on a daily basis. Completing the course I learned a lot and the most important I have a better understanding and awareness of all aspects discussed on videos. I would like to thank you for the great materials and condensed knowledge shared with me.


Procurement Buyer Aero Norway AS

Karol Kizlo

This course exceeded my expectations in every way! It provided a comprehensive overview of procurement principles but also delved into practical techniques and strategies. The video lessons were engaging and provided great guidance. I was particularly impressed with the templates, which really helped me. This course has equipped me with the knowledge and confidence to excel in my procurement career. Thank you, Procurement Tactics, for this valuable learning experience!


Operational Buyer Bakker Barendrecht

Shani Sela

I really liked all the lessons from Marijn Overvest in this course! I appreciated the practical exercises and real-world examples from his experience as a procurement manager, which helped solidify my understanding of the concepts and all the important variables to become a master in procurement.  I’m grateful to Procurement Tactics for offering such a comprehensive course that has significantly enhanced my procurement skills.”


Sourcing Manager Albert Heijn

Jordi Langenhuysen

Procurement Tactics helped my Sourcing team to construct a sharp 2023 Procurement Strategy to counter the current challenges. I am very happy with the results and am confident my team will deliver better results after the help of Procurement Tactics!


Managing Director Vitacress Real

Marco de Jager

The courses of Procurement Tactics have been a valuable experience. They’re high-quality and provide a lot of actionable insights I could leverage in my daily work as a sourcing manager. If you’re a sourcing professional, I would recommend it!


Sourcing Manager Co-Partner & Hollandse Kaas

Ruben Nieuwenhuijs

I recently completed the Junior Procurement Management Course and I couldn’t be happier with my decision. The course curriculum was well-structured, covering all the essential topics in procurement.   I highly recommend it to anyone looking to develop their procurement skills.


Sourcing Manager Albert Heijn

Kim Limmen

The Junior Procurement Management Course offered by Procurement Tactics was an absolute game-changer for me. I had just started my career in procurement and was looking for a course that would provide me with a solid foundation. This course exceeded my expectations. The instructors were incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about the subject matter, and their expertise shone through in every session. The course content was comprehensive…

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and covering everything from procurement strategies to contract negotiation. The interactive nature of the course allowed me to actively engage with the material and learn from my peers. I’m grateful to Procurement Tactics for offering such a valuable course that has undoubtedly accelerated my career growth.


Category Sourcing Manager Zijerveld

Ralph de Wit

I am writing to express my wholehearted endorsement for the Procurement Tactics Program. This program can be an exceptional resource for procurement professionals who are keen on expanding their knowledge and refining their skills. The in-depth content, coupled with the real-world applications, has enhanced my ability to make well-informed decisions and apply strategic planning and negotiation tactics within my role…

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Having engaged with this program, I was truly impressed by the level of detail and thoughtfulness that has gone into its design. The comprehensive modules presented in the course structure provided a wealth of information, delivered in an accessible, user-friendly format.

Moreover, the ongoing support from the Procurement Tactics team has been commendable, reflecting the commitment to the success of the program’s participants. The invaluable insights that I gained from this course have significantly contributed to my personal and professional growth in the field of procurement.

To conclude, for me, the Procurement Tactics Program was an investment well worth making. I feel this program can help procurement professionals seeking to heighten their expertise to make an impact within their respective organizations.


Executive Director at Kyowa Kirin

Rob Gregory

I must say, you’ve done an excellent job with the course. It’s quite a challenge to explain the technology to non-tech individuals in a comprehensive and approachable way, but you’ve managed to do it successfully. I personally didn’t have to invest much time since I already had some prior knowledge of chat GPT through self-learning, which helped me absorb the information from the course more effectively…

[Read more]

The idea of providing examples for the prompts as well is highly appreciated. It makes understanding the concept of chat GPT much easier for everyone. It’s important for more people to realize that chat GPT is a tool that requires learning how to use it, and your examples make that process much more accessible.

I also want to stress how much I value the repeated emphasis on confidentiality when using chat GPT. You’ve highlighted the risks and challenges associated with this technology, and I fully agree that it’s crucial for everyone to understand this in today’s hyper-hype of Ai.

Once again, thank you very much for all your efforts in creating the course material.


Indirect Procurement Performance Controller

Irina Kopteva



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