Category Management Boot Camp

Our category management boot camp is a targeted skill-building program that transforms procurement teams into category management experts.

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Gain a deep understanding of category management

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Maximize ROI and and identify cost-saving opportunities

Teambased Skill-Building

Combine teamwork and concrete deliverables


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What is a boot camp?

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Teambased skill-building

Procurement Boot Camps are targeted skill-building programs that combine teamwork, accountability, and concrete deliverables to drive better deal results and assemble high-performing procurement teams.

  • Master the fundamentals and advanced techniques of category management in procurement

  • Develop and apply analytical skills for effective supplier relationship management and stakeholder engagement

  • Implement practical strategies for overcoming complex challenges in category management


Boot Camp Overview

Procurement Tactics’ Boot Camps are intensive cohort-based programs that combine the power of self-paced online procurement courses with teamwork, hands-on projects, and a team workshop.

Negotiation Boot Camp

Step 1: Team kick-off

This initial session sets the stage for the entire boot camp. Participants will receive essential practical information, ensuring everyone is equipped and ready for the journey ahead. It’s also a time to align objectives and clarify expectations. This session fosters a cohesive group dynamic and prepares participants for the self-paced learning phase.

Step 2: Self-paced learning

In this phase, team members engage with our course material at their own pace. This flexible learning approach allows participants to delve into advanced category management strategies. This self-guided exploration encourages participants to personalize their learning experience, fostering deeper understanding and retention.

1. Category Management Introduction

In this opening module, we’ll introduce you to the essential concepts and practices of category management in procurement. You’ll learn about its key principles, its role in procurement, and the advantages of applying it effectively.

Designed to be both informative and engaging, this module will set a solid foundation for your journey into mastering category management. Get ready to enhance your skills and understanding in this vital area of procurement.

  1. Program introduction
  2. Module introduction
  3. Definition of category management
  4. The link between category management and procurement
  5. The 4Ps of category management
  6. 9 category management steps in procurement
  7. The advantages of category management in procurement
  8. The risks of category management in procurement
  9. Wrapup

This module includes:

  • Extra reading material
  • 9 video lessons
  • 1 Powerpoint templates

Download the syllabus to learn all about this course.

2. Important Category Management Skills

Building on the foundation laid in Module 1, this module delves deeper into the strategies and techniques essential for effective category management. You’ll gain insights into the practical aspects of procurement, learning how to apply key concepts to real-world scenarios.

This module is crafted to enhance your decision-making skills, equip you with advanced tools, and provide you with strategies to optimize your procurement processes. Prepare to dive into a hands-on learning experience that will elevate your understanding and application of category management in the dynamic world of procurement.

  1. Identifying stakeholders
  2. Analytical skills: industry and market trends
  3. Product positioning
  4. Supply and value chain analysis
  5. Risk register
  6. Supplier relationship management
  7. Communication
  8. Empathy and compassion
  9. Supplier comparison
  10. Module wrapup

This module includes:

  • Extra reading material
  • 10 video lessons
  • 1 Powerpoint template

Download the syllabus to learn all about this course.

3. Implementing Category Management

In Module 3 of our Category Management in Procurement Course, you will embark on a deep dive into the eight critical steps to implement and enhance category management in your procurement strategy.

This module is packed with actionable knowledge, from conducting a thorough SWOT analysis to mastering the intricacies of market characteristics and spend analysis. You’ll learn about defining categories, supplier analysis, and setting achievable goals.

This module is designed to turn you into a proficient category manager, equipping you with the tools to analyze, strategize, and continuously improve your procurement approach. Prepare to enhance your skills with practical insights and hands-on learning experiences.

  1. SWOT analysis
  2. Understanding market characteristics
  3. ABC analysis
  4. Defining categories and their roles
  5. Supplier portfolio analysis and tactics to use
  6. Spend analysis
  7. Important category analysis everyone should master
  8. Setting goals
  9. Full category management strategy
  10. Continuous improvement in implementing your strategy
  11. Module wrapup

This module includes:

  • Extra reading material
  • 11 video lessons

Download the syllabus to learn all about this course.

4. Category Management Challenges

Module 4 of our Category Management in Procurement Course focuses on the practical implementation and refinement of category management strategies. In this module, you will learn how to apply the principles and techniques of category management to real-world scenarios. We will explore advanced strategies for optimizing procurement processes and enhancing supplier relationships.

This module is designed to provide you with hands-on experience, equipping you with the knowledge and tools necessary to effectively manage categories and drive successful procurement outcomes. Get ready to put theory into practice and take your procurement skills to the next level!

  1. Module introduction
  2. Category management tactics
  3. Collaborative supplier management
  4. Overcome the process complexity challenge
  5. Stakeholder relationships and priority confusions
  6. Business complexity
  7. Resource constraints
  8. The future of category management
  9. Module wrapup
  10. Course wrapup

This module includes:

  • Extra reading material
  • 10 video lessons

Download the syllabus to learn all about this course.

Step 3: Team Workshop

This phase is the interactive highlight of the boot camp. Participants get the opportunity to present their negotiation strategies.

Each presentation to the group or a selected internal jury allows for practical demonstration of their learnings, fostering a dynamic exchange of ideas and insights. It’s an engaging and inspiring session that not only showcases individual achievements but also emphasizes the power of collaborative learning and innovation in procurement.


What Makes a Boot Camp Different?

Focus on applying knowledge

Boot Camps add an extra layer of practice on top of the tell-show-do-apply learning approach of the learning modules by having learners work in groups on a pre-defined objective.


The cohort-based approach fosters a feeling of community which translates back into more collaboration on-the-job and higher employee engagement.

High engagement

Clear milestones, group work, and blended learning sessions provide accountability to keep up with the program and finish self-study modules on time.

Clear impact & ROI

The targeted nature of Boot Camps and pre-defined timeframes drive visible impact in terms of deal results in the deals that matter.


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