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Procurement is the key driver in defending and maximizing EBIT for every company. Every deal can shape a brighter future. With engaging in-depth training and resources, Procurement Tactics helps procurement teams to drive more business value.

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How we train Procurement Teams

Online Courses

Negotiation & strategy courses for procurement professionals.

  • Video lessons
  • Powerful templates
  • Personal coaching
Procurement Bootcamp
Negotiation Bootcamp

Procurement Bootcamps

We help procurement teams to optimize their strategy.

  • Personal procurement plan
  • Prepare for inflation
  • Advanced negotiation tricks

Public Speaking

We speak at conferences and company retreats.

  • Inspirational sessions
  • Negotiation case studies
  • Procurement trends
Negotiation Bootcamp
Rens Masterclass Negotiations

Negotiation Masterclass

In this 3-hour negotiation masterclass, you’ll experience a complex negotiation from the beginning to the end, and will play an active role in its success.

  • Learn the best negotiation frameworks available today
  • Negotiate a Harvard executive-level business case
  • Compare your results against other teams in the room

See an immediate ROI

Companies that invest in procurement capabilities perform better:

* According to research by McKinsey


as likely to have a higher EBIT margin


as likely to have higher sales growth


as likely to have higher EV/book value


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