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Procurement Boot Camps are targeted skill-building programs that combine teamwork, accountability, and concrete deliverables to drive better deal results and assemble high-performing procurement teams.

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Popular Procurement Boot Camps

T-Shaped Procurement Boot Camp

Prepare your people for the future of procurement by turning them into the ultimate allrounders:

  • Procurement teams that have a mix of T-shaped professionals outperform a team of generalists
  • By stacking the three most popular Boot Camps, we develop T-shaped competency profiles that turn your people into highly effective problem solvers and key drivers for effective procurement
Procurement Bootcamp
Negotiation Bootcamp

Negotiation Boot Camp

Prepare your team for negotiations that are crucial to the business by leveraging empathic negotiation design:

  • Learn hands-on methods on how to take the lead in negotiations
  • Learn negotiation tactics & tricks to achieve better deal results
  • Learn from industry experts who negotiated billion-dollar deals

Procurement Strategy Boot Camp

No results without clear plans. Learn how to transform data into power and build a personal procurement strategy:

  • The result will be an actionable procurement plan that helps to focus and deliver savings
  • Our proven 5-step method helps to create the strategy
  • Link business goals with your procurement strategy to achieve better results
Strategy Boot Camp
Sustainable Boot camp

Sustainable Procurement Boot Camp

Prepare your business for the future by adopting sustainable strategies with your procurement team:


Boot Camp Overview

Procurement Tactics’ Boot Camps are intensive cohort-based programs that combine the power of self-paced online procurement courses with teamwork, hands-on projects, a demo day, and (optional) live facilitated session.

Boot Camp Overview


What Makes a Boot Camp Different?

Focus on applying knowledge

Boot Camps add an extra layer of practice on top of the tell-show-do-apply learning approach of the learning modules by having learners work in groups on a pre-defined objective.

Foster community & teamwork

The cohort-based approach fosters a feeling of community which translates back into more collaboration on-the-job and higher employee engagement.

High engagement

Clear milestones, group work, and (optional) blended learning sessions provide accountability to keep up with the program and finish self-study modules on time.

Clear impact & ROI

The targeted nature of Boot Camps and pre-defined timeframes drive visible impact in terms of deal results in the deals that matter.

See an immediate ROI

Companies that invest in procurement capabilities perform better:

* According to research by McKinsey


as likely to have a higher EBIT margin


as likely to have higher growth in EV/book value


as likely to have higher sales growth


What our clients say

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Negotiation Bootcamp

Impact through behaviour change

As a manager, you don’t need metrics related to learning progress and grades. You are looking for on-the-job impact through observable behavior change in the deals that matter.

And that’s exactly what the hands-on training, clear timelines, and focus on a specific skill drive: behavior change!

Pre and post-assessments help learners track their progression and provide guidance for their continuous development after the Boot Camp.

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