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At Procurement Tactics, we educate Procurement Professionals to close better deals, secure supply and advance their career.

The team of Procurement Tactics has over 20 years of experience in procurement & negotiations and trains procurement teams from small and large companies from all over the world.

Mission: our belief

At Procurement Tactics, we believe that better deal results are driven by three very important variables: empathic negotiation design, negotiation preparation, and negotiation tactics. In our training, we will teach you how to understand them and how to use them to your advantage! Here, we will explain our model.

Why we started Procurement Tactics

Too many negotiators start their negotiations about what is important to them. We believe that a 100% clear understanding of the negotiation opponent via Empathic negotiation design is the key to any successful negotiation result. Whether you’re experienced or new to the field of negotiations, you will need to understand the other party to achieve better results. The better you are in preparing a detailed understanding of your negotiation counterpart, the better your negotiated results will be.  Empathic negotiation design requires that you are able to listen in order to fully understand the other party’s point of view: make it your business to learn all that you can about the other party! Understanding what your negotiation counterparts’ values and whatnot are, what drives them, what they need to achieve, and what their interests, hobbies, and core values are, will make you a better negotiator and will drive your results.

While preparing negotiations is the second driver of success in any negotiation, too often individuals or organizations rush into negotiations without proper planning, Taking a ‘prepared’ seat at the negotiation table gives power, confidence, and creative solution thinking. Before any negotiation, make sure to understand your position, but also the position of your negotiation counterpart. The more rigorous you are in preparing a detailed, specific understanding of your negotiation counterpart and their perspective, the better your negotiated results will be. Sure, preparing for a negotiation is clear to anyone. But what if we tell you that we developed templates by which negotiators can prepare for deals faster and easier than ever before?  After you have completed our Certificate Program, you will know all the ins and outs of proper preparation to improve your results.

Negotiation tactics are the third very important variable to master to achieve great deal results. Your ultimate deal will be determined by how skilled you are as a negotiator. The more skilled you are, the more the other party will be drawn to settle close to your ideal outcome and closer to their limit. Your selection of negotiation tactics should depend on your personality and the results of your earlier research on the tactics that will probably be used by your negotiating counterpart. Most used tactics are difficult to identify, very subtle, and used for multiple purposes.  Getting to recognize the most popular tactics will help you to negotiate way more efficiently! It’s important to know how and when to use particular tactics to get more of what you want from the negotiation.

The importance

Procurement is crucial to business success and sustainability. For 20 years, procurement managers and directors have lived by the motto- ‘I’ve got to get it for $1 less.’ But that motto is increasingly unhelpful in a complex world where relationship building towards win-win collaboration is more important than ever. Procurement is crucial to business success and sustainability.

Why is this the case? There are 3 reasons.

1. Training

Procurement capabilities are the most critical financial impact driver for companies. Training is the only and very important tool in achieving better deals.  High-performing procurement personnel typically have a mix of sourcing-specific skills and general business capabilities. To build those capabilities, the best companies use of a mix of e-learning tools and classroom training.


In many companies, Procurement is the key driver for EBITDA (development). Off course, for the long term, it is also important to have your sales funnel filled and make sure to grow on the front, but procurement is THE team that has the most important task in defending and maximizing EBIT. Every deal can shape the future of the company by being a driver of EBIT.

3. Sustainability

Every business needs to change to become more sustainable. Ambitious Procurement Managers as future leaders are the people who are going to make this difference. We help Procurement teams in transitioning their portfolio towards sustainability in issues ranging from net zero carbon emissions to supply chain impacts such as deforestation or human rights violations. 


Our services

See an immediate ROI

Companies that invest in procurement capabilities perform better:

* According to research by McKinsey


as likely to have a higher EBIT margin


as likely to have higher sales growth


as likely to have higher EV/book value



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With engaging in-depth training and resources, Procurement Tactics helps procurement teams to drive more business value.


Our team

Marijn Overvest Procurement Tactics

Ralph de Groot

CMO & Founder Procurement Tactics

Marijn Overvest Procurement Tactics

Marijn Overvest

CEO & Founder Procurement Tactics


Our trainers

Marijn Overvest Procurement Tactics

Marijn Overvest

  • Founder Procurement Tactics
  • Upskilled over 200+ procurement teams from all over the world with clients ranging from Forbes 500 companies to small businesses
  • Experience in the field of negotiations, sustainability, and strategy building within:
    • Procurement
    • FMCG (retailers & suppliers)
    • Aviation
    • Pharmaceutical
Marijn Overvest Procurement Tactics

Rens ter Weijde

  • In-house negotiation trainer
  • CEO at KIMO & former McKinsey consultant
  • Experience in the field of negotiation at:
    • Politics (G20 top)
    • Large corporates (C-level)
    • Consultancy firms (partners)
    • Global banks
    • Venture capital
    • Law
    • Mergers & acquisitions

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