We are Procurement Tactics

About us

The team of Procurement Tactics has over 20 years of experience in procurement & negotiations: including 7+ years within the commercial department of a large global retailer and over five years in online start-ups & business funding.

More in detail, the team of Procurement Tactics has been responsible for all the three important steps in any procurement process:

  1. Preparation & how to become a Data-driven procurement leader
  2. Strategy: how to transform data into power: actionable procurement strategies
  3. Negotiate: How to implement your strategy & become a master of the deal

Preparation experience

As Procurement Analysts, team members of Procurement Tactics have been responsible for:

  • Providing procurement managers with strategic actionable insights & advice
  • Preparing negotiations with (A-brand) suppliers in order to achieve the best results
  • Program management: Implementation of new procurement programs
  • Creating tooling: conducting and standardization of insights
  • Creating negotiation plans: being a sparring partner for procurement managers in their process of creating negotiation plans

Strategy experience

As Strategic procurement Managers,  team members of Procurement Tactics have been responsible for:

  • Responsible for retailers total procurement strategy, including the implementation of a program with strategic pillars as innovation (e.g. new procurement tactics)
  • Responsible for implementation of many synergy procurement saving programs.
  • Process: implementation of the way of working for a team of 50+ Procurement Managers

Procurement/sourcing & Negotiating experience

As Procurement Managers,  team members of Procurement Tactics have been responsible for:

  • Negotiations with 200+ suppliers regarding purchase prices, promotions, commercial-, legal-, financial and logistical conditions.
  • Multiple €50 Mio + negotiations under Procurement Tactics team responsibility
  • Creating long term strategy: conducting yearly annual procurement Plan
  • Supplier Management: check if agreements are being complied with and deal with possible bottlenecks in this.
  • Contract management

Contact us

  • Our office is located in Oudenoord 330, 3514EX, Utrecht, The Netherlands.
  • Want to visit us? Drop a message at team [at] procurementtactics [dot] com, we’ll make sure coffee is ready!
  • Call us at  +31633877574