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Sustainable Procurement Course

Sustainability is becoming increasingly mainstream. Every business must transition to sustainable procurement. And even more importantly, every business needs to earn its social license from consumers to operate!

Our certificate program is designed to help procurement managers in transitioning their portfolio and business toward sustainability.

With video lessons & Powerpoint templates, clear examples, and tools, you will learn to make the changes toward a sustainable future. We’re proud to have trained procurement managers at Fortune 500 companies, and are excited for you to join as well!

Here are the 4 study objectives of this course:

Here are the study objectives of this course:

1. Sustainability Fundamentals

Did you know that humans are currently using the ecological resources of 1.75 Earths and unless we change our consumption pattern, we’ll need three Earths by 2050 to meet our demands?

In this module, we will dive into the fundamentals of sustainability. These lessons will serve as a foundation for the sustainable procurement strategy you will create throughout this course.

We will look at the relationship between sustainability and procurement, key business drivers of sustainable procurement, and how to deal with stakeholders while working towards sustainable procurement.

What you will learn:

    • Sustainability
    • Circular economy
    • Introduction to procurement
    • Introduction to sustainable procurement
    • Principles and pillars of sustainable procurement
    • Stakeholders
    • Business drivers of sustainable procurement
    • Benefits of sustainable procurement
    • Treaties and standards
    • Corporate social responsibility
    • CSR in procurement
    • Key considerations
    • Businesses that embraced sustainability

    Download the syllabus to learn all about this course.

    2. Linking Sustainable Procurement To Your Business

    In this module, we’ll introduce the Sustainable Procurement Policy (SPP) document. It is a document that translates the vision into operational management. It describes the procurement intentions, objectives, and values of the organization, as formally expressed by its top management. It usually describes elements like vision, values, commitments, and rules.

    We will also dive into the Sustainable Procurement Strategy (SPS) document. It includes strategy, which is the route that must be followed to realize the vision. It also outlines how an organization’s procurement objectives and directions will be carried out through a detailed action plan.

    We’ll also explore supplier selection and mapping sustainable issues. The outputs of this module will contribute to building a comprehensive sustainable procurement strategy.

    What you will learn:

      • Procurement policies & strategies
      • CSR policies
      • Market analysis
      • Supply chain analysis & risk assessment
      • Supplier referencing
      • Mapping sustainability issues
      • Cost analysis
      • Accountability
      • Formulating a sustainable procurement policy
      • Examples of sustainable procurement
      • Key considerations

      Download the syllabus to learn all about this course.

      3. Sustainable Procurement Tactics

      In this module, we’ll dive into the cornerstones of sustainable procurement. You can consider these the building blocks of your sustainable procurement strategy.

      We will discuss how to implement sustainable procurement tactics throughout each step of the procurement process. In this module, we’ll also explore one of the most important steps of sustainability in procurement: how to shift toward sustainability while maintaining high profitability.

      What you will learn:

        • Procurement governance
        • Human rights
        • Labor practices
        • The environment
        • Fair operating practices
        • Consumer issues
        • Community involvement
        • Sustainability while maintaining high profitability
        • Challenges
        • Key considerations

        Download the syllabus to learn all about this course.

        4. Building Your Sustainable Procurement Strategy

        This is the module where it all comes together. Everything you’ve learned in modules one, two, and three will be tied together to create a sustainable procurement strategy.

        In this crucial module, you will work on putting your own sustainable procurement plan together. Your sustainable procurement strategy describes how to deliver the best outcome for your sustainable procurement project.

        With a clear step-by-step action plan, we are going to help you to build your own strategy for your procurement portfolio. We created a template for every step.

        What you will learn:

          • Creating your sustainable procurement strategy
          • Managing sustainability stages
          • Integrating sustainability in specifications
          • Sustainable goals as a manager
          • Identifying suppliers
          • Assessing suppliers
          • Managing contracts
          • Kotter’s theory of change
          • Organizing towards sustainability
          • Delivering sustainable procurement change
          • Lencioni’s theory of team change
          • Key considerations

          Download the syllabus to learn all about this course.

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          What our clients say

          ★★★★★ 4.6 star reviews from our clients on Trustpilot

          The Procurement Tactics classes were really helpful. They’re good quality and gave me useful ideas for my everyday job as a sourcing manager. If you work in sourcing, I suggest checking them out!



          Category Sourcing Manager Non Food

          Marc Goudkuil

          Procurement Tactics is the best at teaching about procurement stuff. Their courses are really well-structured. They cover everything from getting things to managing relationships with suppliers. The teachers aren’t just teachers; they’re experts in the field sharing their experience. The real-life examples talked about in the course make learning interesting and useful. This is a masterclass that anyone serious about procurement should not miss.


          Rick<br />

          Lead Sourcing Manager World Foods at Ahold Delhaize

          Rick Renes

          The sustainability certificate program changed how I do my job as a procurement manager. It taught me about buying things in a way that’s good for the environment and society. The program gave me tools and knowledge to help my business be more responsible. The video lessons, PowerPoint templates, and examples made learning interesting and motivating.

          The program also made me see that it’s important for businesses to get approval from customers. This changed how I think, making me realize that businesses play a big role in society, and doing things in a sustainable way is really important.


          Zoe Greenwood

          Junior Supplier Relationship Partner

          Zoe Greenwood

          I finished the Sustainable Procurement Course and liked how much it taught me. The course provided a comprehensive overview of procurement policies and strategies, CSR policies, market analysis, supply chain analysis and risk assessment, and more.

          The self-paced video lessons were easy to follow, and the templates and personal coaching were a great bonus. I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to maintain profitability while moving toward sustainability.


          Angelica Romano

          Resourcing Business Partner

          Angelica Romano

          The online learning platform is easy to use. I took the Procurement Tactics courses, and it felt like I entered a place where learning meets new ideas. The courses understand what’s happening in procurement and use the latest trends and technologies. As someone who wants to stay updated in this field, the program gave me the tools and insights to handle modern procurement challenges…


          [Read more]

          The mix of online sessions and on-demand content is great for different learning styles, especially for busy professionals. The instructors are experts and explain complex ideas in a way that’s easy to understand.

          The program focuses on innovative procurement practices, like using data analytics and sustainable sourcing. It teaches you how to make positive changes in your organization. The real-world examples in the courses inspired me to think differently.

          In short, Procurement Tactics improved my skills and made me feel confident in facing the fast changes in procurement.

          Irene Davids

          Indirect Procurement Performance Controller

          Irene Davids

          I recently finished a course on Sustainable Procurement using the Procurement Tactics online learning platform, and it was really good! The course teaches about the importance of sustainable procurement and how to use it in a company.

          They explain everything well and show examples of how to actually do it…

          [Read more]

          The course also has links to useful websites, more learning chances, and lots of resources like stories about big companies using sustainable procurement.

          I’m happy I took this course, and I might take another one from Procurement Tactics in the future.


          Jorge Luis H. Romeu

          Founder & Director of ProcureXplained

          Jorge Luis H Romeu


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          Frequently Asked Questions

          We have put together some frequently asked questions

          What will I learn?

          Our certificate program is designed to help procurement managers in transitioning their portfolio and business toward sustainability.

          With video lessons & Powerpoint templates, clear examples, and tools, you will learn to make the changes toward a sustainable future. We’re proud to have trained procurement managers at Fortune 500 companies, and are excited for you to join as well!

          Here are the 4 study objectives of this course:

          Module 1 contains 13 lessons:

          1. Sustainability
          2. Circular economy
          3. Introduction to procurement
          4. Introduction to sustainable procurement
          5. Principles and pillars of sustainable procurement
          6. Stakeholders
          7. Business drivers of sustainable procurement
          8. Benefits of sustainable procurement
          9. Treaties and standards
          10. Corporate social responsibility
          11. CSR in procurement
          12. Key considerations
          13. Businesses that embraced sustainability

          Module 2 contains 12 lessons:

          1. Procurement policies & strategies
          2. CSR policies
          3. Market analysis
          4. Supply chain analysis & risk assessment
          5. Supplier referencing
          6. Mapping sustainability issues
          7. Cost analysis
          8. Accountability
          9. Formulating a sustainable procurement policy
          10. Examples of sustainable procurement
          11. Key considerations

          Module 3 contains 10 lessons:

          1. Procurement governance
          2. Human rights
          3. Labor practices
          4. The environment
          5. Fair operating practices
          6. Consumer issues
          7. Community involvement
          8. Sustainability while maintaining high profitability
          9. Challenges
          10. Key considerations

          Module 4 contains 12 lessons:

          1. Creating your sustainable procurement strategy
          2. Managing sustainability stages
          3. Integrating sustainability in specifications
          4. Sustainable goals as a manager
          5. Identifying suppliers
          6. Assessing suppliers
          7. Managing contracts
          8. Kotter’s theory of change
          9. Organizing towards sustainability
          10. Delivering sustainable procurement change
          11. Lencioni’s theory of team change
          12. Key considerations

          Download the program syllabus to get a comprehensive overview of this course.

          Why should I enroll?

          Enhance your procurement skills and get better results with our ChatGPT & AI in Procurement Course. Led by seasoned industry experts, this course will provide you with the strategies and tactics you need to confidently improve procurement on behalf of your organization. With interactive exercises and real-world case studies, you’ll get practical experience that you can apply immediately in your procurement role. Don’t miss this opportunity to take your career to the next level – enroll now!

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          What is the mix between online/offline studying?

          The program is 100% online. It’s split up in 2 types of content:

          1. You’ll get full access to our online study environment. Here you will find our course videos and all of our procurement templates.
          2. You’ll be invited for 1-on-1 coaching sessions via Google Meets

          If you would like to involve an offline event in the program, please get in touch. We can combine the course with an in-house workshop.

          What happens after I pay ?

          Great question. Here’s what will happen after you complete your payment:

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