6 Best Procurement Training of 2022

Are you looking for procurement & sourcing training? Do you have the need to improve your skills in procurement and negotiations? Or do you simply just want to join one so you can apply for a procurement position? 

Whatever your reasons are, you really need to read this article. We are going to check the 6 best procurement training for this year and we will evaluate if they are indeed worth your time and money.

After reading this article, you’ll only have to decide which certification you want to achieve! 

What is the Best Procurement Training for Beginners?

Most fundamental procurement trainings sessions for beginners are often done for up-and-coming employees who just signed up to become procurement experts. These are the type of training where the fundamental skills of negotiation and sourcing are taught. 

While the following certification training sessions are for procurement managers & specialists who already have a little bit of experience, these are still perfect for the complete beginner. Have a look at the following procurement trainings and check out the details before fully committing to it.

1. Procurement Tactics Negotiation Gamechanger – Certificate Program

An online training course that is heavily dedicated to Procurement& Sourcing professionals, the Negotiation Gamechanger course is an ideal investment for anyone who simply wants to know how to become a true master of Negotiations. Improver your deal results right away!

While our Negotiation Gamechanger course is also about negotiation training, both courses also offer other great lessons on procurement, such as contract management and sourcing processes.

Price: 997 Euros for 40 Hours of Online Learning, 27 E-Courses, with 12 months of Unlimited Access.

Procurement Skills being Taught: how to form an annual Procurement Plan, negotiations strategy & tactics training. 

Do you prefer a procurement workshop for your entire team? Have a look at the Procurement Tactics workshop.

Want to see what is included in the Negotiation Game Changer course? Download the course overview by entering your email below.

2. Certified International Procurement Professional (CIPP)

CIPP is an Online Procurement Certification Program designed for those who are entirely new to procurement or have less than 5 years of experience in procurement. This course is also for those who are not entirely new to procurement, but just want a holistic approach to building procurement skills and get international certification.

Price: $ 2,195 for 12 Months of Unlimited Online Access

Procurement Skills being Taught: Strategic sourcing, negotiation tricks, and tips, legal aspects of procurement, fundamentals of contract management, strategy for contract terms, cost concepts for procurement, operational procurement, and finance. 

3. From Tactical to World Class Procurement Class Training

This procurement class training is perfect for more seasoned procurement executives who are working together in a business or organization. While not a good option for the most basic procurement beginner, the training includes basic procurement topics as a refresher course. The aim of the course is to help the learner become a World-class talent in procurement and sourcing.

Price: $397 for 3 Hours of Online Learning, 6 E-Courses, with 2 months of Unlimited Access.

Procurement Skills being Taught: Scenario Based E-Learning, Real-life simulations, micro-learning, Introduction to the Procurement Process, Basic Negotiation Tactics, Basic Contract Negotiation, Ethics in the Procurement Process.

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4. Strategic Sourcing Fundamentals Online Training

This online training course is especially aimed at sourcing professionals. It’s still applicable towards procurement managers though and is a good training course to start at if you’re trying to improve your knowledge about procurement but through a limited budget.

The course promises a “No Fluff, No-Nonsense, No Academic Learning”. So basically this training course is all about practical knowledge and actual real-life simulations.

Price: $397 for 2 Months of  Unlimited Online Access.

Procurement Skills being Taught: Introduction to Procurement Process, How to write an RFQ and RFI, Basic Negotiation Tactics, Basic Contract Negotiation, Improving Specifications, Ethics in the Procurement Process 

5. Cost Management Online Training

This Cost Management Online Training is another specialized course dedicated to procurement managers and beginners who want to take a more advanced course on cost management. The training also comes with other great procurement subjects, such as negotiation training and the procurement process too. 

Pricing: $497 for 4 Hours of Online Training and 2 months of Unlimited Access

Procurement Skills being Taught: Cost management, Value Engineering, Supplier Performance Index, Value Analysis, Developing a Cost Breakdown, Cost Avoidance, Total cost of ownership

6. Certified International Advanced Procurement Professional

A special edition training course, the Certified International Advanced Procurement Professional training course is, as the name suggests, the advanced learning session for CIPS. Those who managed to finish this course are awarded an Accredited International Procurement Certification. The certification itself is extra difficult to obtain without the use of books or vast experience through traveling all over the world. 

The course adds that anyone who manages to finish this course has managed to get high-paying procurement jobs or has been promoted to good positions. So for anyone who wants to get more knowledge in procurement or you simply want to take a shot at the certification itself, then try this online course.

Pricing:  $ 2,195 for 12 Months of Unlimited Online Access

Procurement Skills being Taught: Advanced Procurement, Negotiations styles, legal aspects of procurement, fundamentals of contract management, strategy for contract terms, cost concepts for procurement, operational procurement, and finance.


What is the best procurement training?

The best procurement training always involves hands-on courses and practical procurement knowledge.

Are there any online procurement trainings?

Yes, there are. There are probably hundreds of procurement training available online.

Are there any procurement certificates in online training?

Most procurement training come with certificates too. It’s one way to attract potential students.

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