Ruud Emonds

  • Sourcing Director at Zijerveld
  • A seasoned Procurement Professional with an extensive experience in retail procurement
ruud emonds

Who is Ruud Emonds?

His background, expertise, hobbies, and everything you want to know

Ruud Emonds is an experienced and respected professional in retail procurement. He is the Sourcing Director at Zijerveld and is highly skilled in navigating the complexities of procurement.

As the leader of his procurement team, Ruud is known for his straightforward and humble approach. He emphasizes the importance of staying focused on effective sourcing strategies and setting a good example for his team.

Ruud’s dedication and leadership have been instrumental in the success of his team and the company as a whole. He is a pragmatic and innovative thinker and is part of a new generation of procurement leaders who are shaping the future of the industry.

Overall, Ruud Emonds is an inspiring leader who demonstrates a commitment to simplicity and effective sourcing strategies in his influential role at Zijerveld.