Marijn Overvest

  • Founder Procurement Tactics
  • Upskilled over 200+ procurement teams from all over the world with clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to small businesses
  • Experience in the field of negotiations, sustainability, and strategy building
Marijn Overvest Procurement Tactics

Who is Marijn Overvest?

His background, expertise, hobbies, and everything you want to know

A Word From Marijn Overvest

Hello, I’m Marijn Overvest, the founder of Procurement Tactics. My educational background includes a Master of Science in Business from the VU University of Amsterdam.  The skills I learned from my master’s equipped me with the right attitude and skills in the field of procurement.  I have spent over 10 years in the world of procurement and negotiations.

Working in procurement is exciting and fun because it allows us to make a lasting impact on organizations and other procurement professionals. It’s a field that suits those who love critical thinking, numbers, and streamlining processes, as well as those who appreciate the human side of work, involving interaction, communication, and creativity. Procurement engages both sides of the brain, making it a profession I am passionate about and will continue to love.

With over 10 years of experience in procurement and negotiations, including eight-plus years within the commercial department of a major global retailer, I’ve handled all three crucial steps in any procurement process:

  1. Preparation of Negotiations & Tenders
  2. Strategy Formulation for Negotiations & Tenders
  3. Negotiations & Tender Execution

I started my career in Procurement as a Procurement Analyst. In this role, I provided strategic, actionable insights and advice to senior procurement managers.  My responsibilities included the implementation of a unified negotiation preparation process, preparing negotiations with A-brand suppliers, creating tooling for insights, and acting as a sparring partner for procurement managers in developing negotiation plans.

In the role of a Strategic Procurement Manager, I shaped the retailer’s overall Own Brands’  procurement strategy, incorporating innovative procurement tactics and executing synergy procurement-saving programs.

As a Procurement Manager, I successfully negotiated with over 500 suppliers on various fronts, including purchase prices, promotions, and commercial, legal, financial, and logistical conditions. I managed negotiations exceeding €500 million and oversaw the annual procurement plan, supplier management, and contract management.

As the founder of Procurement Tactics, based in Utrecht, the Netherlands, I focus most on these areas in procurement:

  • Negotiations
  • Sustainable Procurement
  • Utilizing ChatGPT in Procurement
  • Procurement Strategy

Recognizing that I want to share with other professionals what I learned from my experiences, I founded Procurement Tactics to help procurement professionals grow and excel in their careers. Our mission is simple: empower professionals with the tools, strategies, and knowledge they need to upskill in this dynamic field.

We’ve had the privilege of working with a diverse range of businesses, including Fortune 500 companies. Many clients return to us, highlighting their satisfaction and establishing Procurement Tactics as a trusted partner globally.

As a guest speaker at conferences worldwide, I share insights, strategies, and lessons learned to contribute to the professional development of procurement experts. These engagements provide valuable opportunities for professionals to expand their skills and thrive in their roles.

With a proven track record and a commitment to continuous improvement, Procurement Tactics is a reliable resource for those looking to excel in procurement. I’m enthusiastic about continuing to share knowledge and contribute to the growth of procurement professionals worldwide. 

I look forward to sharing all the lessons that I have learned, with you! 

A Quote From Marijn Overvest:

“What I love the most about procurement, is the fact that you never stop learning. That’s why I think I will always love procurement”

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