Negotiation Masterclass

Elevate your negotiation skills and increase your ROI on important deals with this expert-led 3-hour masterclass.

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Negotiation Masterclass

What is it?

In this 3-hour negotiation masterclass, you’ll experience a complex negotiation from the beginning to the end, and will play an active role in its success.

You can expect to:

  • Learn the best negotiation frameworks available today
  • Prepare your negotiation plan with your team
  • Negotiate a Harvard executive-level business case
  • Compare your results against other teams in the room
  • Learn many critical lessons that you’ll never forget
Negotiation Bootcamp
Rens Ter Weijdje - Negotiation Masterclass

Who should join this masterclass?

This masterclass is perfect for any business professional that is involved in negotiations in any way:

  • Procurement, finance, consultants, insurance, venture capital, private equity lawyers, IT leads

What is the result of this masterclass?

In this masterclass, you’ll have better negotiation skills and:

  • Increase the ROI on all deals you’re working on
  • Learn the best frameworks in the market
  • Have fun with your team
Negotiation iceberg
Rens Masterclass Negotiations

About the trainer

Rens ter Weijde is a Dutch negotiation expert who has coached many business professionals on negotiations:

  • CEO at KIMO & former McKinsey consultant
  • Harvard alumni
  • Experience in the field of negotiation at Politics (G20 top), Large corporates (C-level), Consultancy firms (partners), Global banks, Venture capital, Law, and Mergers & acquisitions

Trusted by more than 200+ companies


Reviews from participants

“I learned a lot in three hours. In short: be prepared. Everything is negotiable. And: assume that people are not fully honest. It was a great experience!”



“This is a challenging training relevant for many roles in an organisation. Your skill will be put to the test, and result will be made transparent. Tip: come prepared!”


Consulting firm

“This training is directly relevant for my role in the firm. Definitely a good ROI! I would recommend this masterclass to anyone who wants to get better at negotiations.”


IT lead


What you should know


This masterclass targets practical negotiation skills. Price ranges between $3000-$5000 based on company needs.


One masterclass can fit up to 25 participants. In case you want to train a bigger team, we can split them up in multiple days.


7 days before the masterclass each team will receive the negotiation case. The masterclass will take +- 3 hours in total.



This negotiation masterclass can be done both online and offline. We’re experiencing success in both versions, so you can decide what you prefer.

See an immediate ROI

Companies that invest in procurement capabilities perform better:

* According to research by McKinsey


as likely to have a higher EBIT margin


as likely to have higher sales growth


as likely to have higher EV/book value

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