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Digital ProcurementThe Ultimate Guide of 2023

Have you ever wondered how people use technology to procure their needs? Ever heard of the term “digital procurement”? If so, then you are on a good track. But, not all of us are familiar with this.

For today, we will define what digital procurement is. We will study how it works and its components. We will also check some digital procurement tools that may help you in your journey as a procurement manager.

Later on, once you finish this article, you will understand what digital procurement is. You will be able to use this which will surely make your life easier in the procurement process.

What is Digital Procurement?

We already know that when we talk about acquiring goods and services, the word “procurement” pops into our minds. We know that it is about technology when we talk about digital procurement. 

As we know, digital procurement is associated with the implementation of new technology in procurement. But, there is more to that. Digital procurement implements automation tools and artificial intelligence (AI). 

It also applies data-driven optimization and advanced data analysis to help the development of strategies in the company. 

Digital procurement changes the way how tasks are done. It uses automation in doing tasks to reduce cost while not harming the efficiency of the work. 

Digital procurement implements smart ways to analyze data models to understand and make the right decisions to perform the operation. It enables strategic sourcing to be predictable by implementing new technology in its system. 

The Need for Digital Procurement

Nowadays, we live in a society where almost everything moves faster. The manual labor, movement, and doing of tasks are a thing of the past. Of course, not all are being automated or digitalized. But, digitalization creates new channels for business partners and customers to communicate and negotiate. It opens a new idea of dynamics within and outside industries. 

Business owners know that in order to thrive in their field, they must move fast and efficiently. That is why many businesses have embraced digitalization to develop new ways of improving their operation. 

Digital procurement creates interaction with the buyers, suppliers, and third parties that will produce new ways of collaboration. It transforms the overall operation of a business.

Digital procurement starts with digital transformation. Businesses must invest in digital technologies to further their development. 

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Components that Make a Functional Digital Procurement Strategy

1. Data

Digital Procurement uses technology to further its processes. The first thing that is needed for that is data. Data is inherent in digitalization and technology. It is the main reason why we have functional technology and the key point for digital procurement.

The data enables the company to determine the needs of people and what goods or services are suited to that particular need. It gives the company the right way to select its suppliers and the right payment for them. 

The data in digital procurement falls into two categories. The first one is profiling which helps the company to know the profiles of who they are negotiating. The second one is to discover the connection between two subjects to effectively grasp their true nature.

2. The Right application of Technology

The technology is the machine that interprets the data. It is what makes raw data useful in a company. Combining the collected data and technology can automate the activities and processes in a company efficiently. 

Utilizing the right technology will make an effective process that helps your digital procurement strategy. It is also less prone to human errors as it focuses on automation. 

It is important to know what technology is to be applied to a certain process. Because each process has a different form and utilizing what is suited for that will make it run smoothly.

3. Compelling User Experience

The user experience of the stakeholders must be compelling. It must attract them to use the procurement tools. In using the procurement tools, it must be easy for them to use so that there can be an effective transaction. 

It will be easy for them to navigate if the user experience is user-friendly. The interface will look cleaner if the messy stuff is in the background which is unnoticeable.

4. Policies and procedures

Knowing the policies and procedures will make the collaboration in the company efficient. The process of digital procurement will be effective if the employees know their roles and responsibilities. It is easier to delegate tasks if you know who is assigned for that certain job. 

The policies and procedures will give insights to the stakeholders about their duties and responsibilities in the company.

5. Talented and Skilled Individuals

Digital procurement does not end just by using data and technology. The backbone of this all is a skilled and talented individual who had strategized in making digital procurement. 

You must take note of the data scientists and AI experts who have exerted effort in applying models to interpret the data. In addition, IT professionals have also contributed to this by integrating software applications that will help digital procurement. 

Designers who have made the interface intuitive for the user must also be commended. Without these talented individuals, the digital procurement strategy will not be effective. 

What does it take to have an effective digital procurement?

Just like everything, digital procurement takes time. It takes time to conceptualize a digital procurement strategy that will be effective for your company. You cannot just collect the data and make use of any technology in your buying decisions. 

It takes years to develop the necessary processes and technology for you to have your own digital procurement strategy. That is why it is better for companies to start developing it today. 

Another thing that it takes is money. Creating a digital procurement strategy requires a huge amount of investment. Luckily, there are services that render them which do not require investment to create them. 

Lastly, it takes a vision. It takes a leap for you to create a digital procurement strategy as it is uncommon with how procurement works. It takes someone to grasp where the procurement strategy of the business will go. 

Advantagesof Digital Procurement

1. Improved Efficiency

Using digital procurement will improve the flow of information in the company. There will be smooth communication that will make the processes faster. 

2. Saves more money

The traditional procurement strategy requires a lot of time and money to maintain its system. Digital procurement saves you money due to the integration of streamlined operations. 

3. Transparency

Using digital procurement enables the business to see the data that are processed. It also lets different departments or teams in the company work in sync through the use of technology. Being able to access information can resolve the matter easily. 

4. Simplicity and Customer Satisfaction

Digital procurement uses an intuitive user experience so that new users can navigate easily. Digital procurement makes the information accessible for the customers to relieve their worries. 

An effective digital procurement system could offer the visibility needed to satisfy the customers. It also makes the process simple for customers. 

5. Improved Supply Chain Management

Digital procurement helps improve supply chain management. It is beneficial for the shipping and deliveries of goods. It also enhances vendor management and the standing of your products or services in the supply chain. 

Digital Procurement Tools

We know that digital procurement uses technology that can make your life easier. The following are some of the procurement tools that will help you in your procurement process:

1. Precoro 

This tool helps you create purchase orders, track approvals, and assign payments easily. Precoro has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to use. 

Precoro aims to deliver cost-efficient and reliable procurement solutions to help its users reduce costs and increase productivity.

2. Promena e-sourcing

Promena is best for companies when it comes to requests for quotations (RFQs). It handles the bids of the suppliers and keeps them organized. It has some features that let you see your previous transaction to check how much you have spent.

3. Procurify

Procurify aims to simplify your purchasing and control your spending. It is able to provide real-time data on your business expenses. This will help minimize your cost and provide transparency in your business.

4. Jiga

Jiga is one of the best tools to be used in the manufacturing business as it is built specifically for this. It centralizes tracking, collaboration, and data to manage the manufacturing procurement process. It removes bottlenecks that stop manufacturing businesses from performing efficiently.

5. Oracle Procurement Cloud

Oracle is best suited to full-scale enterprise resource planning (ERPs). It automates procure-to-pay, supplier management, procurement contracts, and strategic sourcing. If you are looking for a long-lasting procurement tool, Oracle is best for you. 

Frequentlyasked questions

+ What is digital procurement?

Digital procurement is about acquiring the needs of your business through the use of technology.

+ Why do businesses utilize digital procurement?

Businesses often use digital procurement to reduce human errors, minimize expenses, and make the procurement process convenient.

+ What is the best digital procurement tool?

The best digital procurement tool is dependent on your business. Each digital procurement tool has its own advantage based on what business it suits more.

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