The New Supplier Questionnaire Template 2022

For all things procurement-wise, it is always important to have a supplier questionnaire or records to help you in developing an efficient business process for your company. For 2022, we at Procurement Tactics have developed a fresh new supplier questionnaire that will help you in a number of ways for all things procurement!

Which affects your procurement results the most? Yes, having an alternative supplier for the products or goods you are buying: known as batna.

With this questionnaire, you should get an idea of what a possible new supplier could deliver you. Getting a supplier who is reliable and provides only the best materials for procurement is what a company needs for its continuous operation. After this article, you should be able to send out important questions to suppliers in a heartbeat. 
You will definitely feel an efficient change in your procurement process once you start using our new supplier questionnaire!

A Good Start for Procurement Experts

While procurement remains one of the strongest industries to continue its business despite the COVID pandemic, it has definitely given a lot of businesses a run for their money. First off, materials are now very hard to come by. The lockdowns and the current Container Crisis are giving every major port in the world a big headache, importing materials and supplies from other countries is now extra difficult.

We at Procurement Tactics know exactly the importance of procurement for each and every one of us. We all want our procurement process to go smoothly, which is why we always want to take care of our suppliers as much as we want to. Of course, things don’t always go as planned; we’re pretty sure you all have that unfortunate moment when you realize that your supplier for years had to close down due to the pandemic!

If you are currently looking for a new supplier or you are a new procurement manager who needs a guide on how to spot the best supplier for your procurement needs, then the following supplier questionnaire below is perfect for you. Of course, the final decision entirely rests on how these suppliers give their answers and what their answers are as well. Take note that no answer is perfect; just follow your gut instinct and don’t forget to keep track of the supplier’s reputation too.

The 2022 New Supplier Questionnaire:

The questionnaire below is formulated by our procurement experts at the Negotiation Gamechanger course. You know that these guys are the best because they themselves use this questionnaire if in case they need to find a new supplier for their procurement needs.

Copy this, print this, create or modify this template; do whatever you want with it. Just make sure that when you start getting the answers, you compare them and judge the answers for yourselves.

Supplier Name: 


Company Name
Company Owner
Approximate Turnover Per Year/Sales
Capacity Per Year (What Parts Are You Using?)
Past and Current Clients
Other Products Supplied
Where are your products manufactured? List all locations please:
Have you ever outsourced your production?
Your current number of production lines?
Your current minimum and most efficient production run?
Your current number of (packaging) lines?
Packaging Type Description (example: box+size, pillow bag, paper bag, etc)
Minimum amount of time needed between production and order?
Which certificates do you have?
Date of the last audit and the results?
Your company’s quality assurance procedures? (GAP, GMC, GDP, etc)
List down your recall procedure (infestation, wrong ingredients, shipping mistake, etc)
Last time you had a recall procedure?
Are your ready product stocks separated from the raw materials? Specify how.
How does your company organize logistics? (Add details when possible.)
Delivery lead-time?
Which order tooling do you use?
Do you have consolidation depots?
Do you store some of your products abroad?
In what markets are you competitive? Why?
In what markets do you have export experience? Do you organize your own logistics?
Do you have a trained English-speaking support staff?
What printing techniques do you employ for packaging?
How long does it take for your company to start supplying after an agreement is made?
Why are you the best among other suppliers?
In what product does your company specialize?


Editor's note:

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