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Procurement Methods – Everything a Procurement Professional Should Know

There are lots of ways procurement managers acquire goods or services through procurement methods. Some of you may not know these methods but these are important to be effective in the field of procurement.

In this article, we will discuss what procurement methods are. We will explore the different types that the procurement department or manager uses in their operation.

After reading this article, You will have deep knowledge of procurement methods that will allow you to use them in your business. This will effectively polish the procurement process that will benefit your business in the long term. 

What is Procurementand Procurement Method?

Procurement, as we know it, is the overall process of acquisition of needed goods or services for it to operate. Basically, it is what makes the business move. Without it, the business will not grow as it can never operate without the needed materials.

The procurement method is used by the procurement team of a company to streamline the acquisition of goods. The names of each method may vary depending on the company but its process remains the same. 

The type of procurement method you will use is dependent on the conditions of your procurement. Additionally, procurement methods should be carefully utilized about the type of goods or services that you will acquire. 

All procurement methods that you may use follow a strict legal framework to make sure that all standards are met in the selection process. 


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    6 Typesof Procurement Method

    There are six types of procurement methods used by a procurement team or department of an organization. Below is the list of the 6 types of procurement methods:

    1. Open Tendering

    Open tendering is also called competitive bidding. It allows companies to bid on goods in an open solicitation or open competition. Open tendering entails the company the following:

    • Locally advertise
    • Be unbiased and consistent with technical specifications
    • Be objective with the evaluation measures
    • Open to all qualified bidders
    • Be  granted to the least-cost provider

    The open tendering method encourages an effective competition to acquire goods that emphasize value for money. 

    Nonetheless, many procurement experts think that this is not suitable for the large or complex acquisition of goods or services. This is due to the great focus it requires on the output process rather than following the standards strictly. 

    2. Restricted Tendering

    Restricted tendering is the opposite of open tendering. Restrict tendering limits the number of requests for tenders that will be sent to suppliers or service providers. It is also called selective bidding because of its selective process nature.

    Restricted tendering is a competitive method but it is limited to suppliers or service providers the procurement team invited. The procurement team should establish guidelines to effectively select the suppliers or service providers on the invitation list. 

    Having a random selection will not work for restricted tendering. It is selective to get the best and most qualified entities for the acquisition of needed supplies or services. 

    Restricted tendering is also done as a way for the procurement team or manager to save time and money. It saves the organization time and money due to the limited invitation list in the procurement process.

    3. Request for Proposals (RFP)

    Request for proposals is usually seen in every transaction in the business world. This kind of method is compelling as it states in the document why it’s the best match for the company. 

    A request for proposal is used when they are proposing their goods or services to the procurement team or manager for review. 

    The suppliers or service providers who are writing the RFP submit a two-envelope proposal to the procurement manager. The two-envelope allows the manager to review thoroughly the proposal without knowing the financial component.

    The financial proposal is then sealed in the second envelope. It should only be opened once the content of the first envelope is approved or rejected. 

    This eliminates the persuasion regarding the cost and focuses to look at the quality of the materials or services. Furthermore, the proposal with the best qualifications and price will be selected. 

    4. Two-Stage Tendering

    Two-stage tendering has two procedures under it. Each of the procedures also has two-stage processes. 

    The first procedure is similar to the request for proposal method. The procurement department receives a proposal with two envelopes. The first one contains the proposal and the second one contains the financial component. 

    The difference is that the bidder needs to submit a technical proposal highlighting their solutions. This is necessary to fulfill the requirements specified by the procurement team. The proposal is scored based on the relevance of the solution the procurement team needs. 

    Once an agreement is reached, the bidder is invited to submit their financial proposal for further discussions. After the terms have been discussed, the procurement team may now negotiate the contract. 

    The second procedure is similar to the first procedure. However, a partial proposal will be submitted instead of the full technical proposal. The methodology and technical specifications will be included but not to their full extent which allows room for customization.

    Once a bidder is selected, they will be required to submit the complete technical proposal together with the financial component. The financial proposal will be opened only if the technical proposal is evaluated. 

    The combined evaluated score of the technical and financial proposal will be the deciding factor if the bidder will be chosen.

    5. Request for Quotations

    Request for quotations is usually used for small-valued goods or services. This is by far the most simple among the other procurement methods available. Requests for quotations are used to make sure that there will be less paperwork and a faster procurement process.

    Request for quotation has no formal proposal drafted from either party. The procurement department only selects a few suppliers or service providers they wanted to get the quotation from. 

    Once the quotation is received, it will be then analyzed by the procurement team or manager. The selection of the quotes will solely be based on compliance with the requirements. 

    6. Single-Source

    Single sourcing is a non-competitive method that is only used in specific circumstances. Single sourcing occurs when the organization only wants to acquire materials or services from a single source. 

    This method is carefully evaluated by the management team as there are many factors that might affect single sourcing. Read more about this in sole sourcing vs single sourcing

    Frequentlyasked questions

    + What is the procurement method?

    The procurement method is the process that streamlines the acquisition of goods or services.

    + Is this significant in the procurement process?

    Yes. The procurement method is essentially part of the procurement process. The procurement process cannot work without this.

    + What is the best type of procurement method?

    The best type of procurement method to be used is dependent on your company’s needs, kind, and size. 

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