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Sustainable Environment — Embracing Sustainability

Sustainable environment is closely linked to the health of each life form living on this planet. Thus, it is important for companies to ensure that their business operations, especially their procurement, do not negatively affect the environment. However, how do you do this?

In this article, we will discuss what a sustainable environment means. We will tell you the importance of a sustainable environment and the issues that revolve around it. Additionally, we will tell you the benefits you can gain through a sustainable environment and how you can contribute to taking care of the environment.

After reading this article, you will have a deeper insight into what a sustainable environment means. Thus, this will allow you to take part in protecting the planet from further damage by aiming for sustainability in your business operations, especially in your procurement processes. 

Sustainable Environment

A sustainable environment, also known as environmental sustainability, refers to the ability to maintain an ecological balance in the planet’s natural environment and conserve natural resources to support the needs of the present and the future. 

According to the United Nations, environmental sustainability involves making life choices that ensure an equal or better way of life for future generations. 

A sustainable environment aims to improve the quality of human life without putting too much strain on the earth’s supporting ecosystems. Thus, it is about creating a balance between the consumerist human culture and the living world. 

To do this, we can live in a way that does not waste or unnecessarily deplete natural resources. We can also monitor and check if our purchases have any negative impact on the planet. 

Why is Environmental Sustainability Important?

 A sustainable environment is important due to the fact that we use too much energy, food, and human-made resources to sustain our daily life. 

As the resources continue to deplete, we need more energy and materials than ever before just to sustain the present.

For this reason, businesses must take responsibility to step in and do their part as they have more power than any group of individuals. Businesses can help secure a livable future by adopting sustainability in their practices. 


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Sustainable Issues Revolving the Environment

Environmental sustainability offers a lot of benefits in terms of the health of each individual and animal in the world. However, as there are too many issues surrounding sustainability, almost everything can be regarded as sustainable issues. Here are some barriers that you may face when working to achieve environmental sustainability:

  • Exponential population growth
  • Excessive consumption
  • Limited awareness of sustainability
  • Many economists observed that sustainable development is more focused on economic growth rather than people’s health and rights
  • Insufficient support from the government
  • Many consumers are not yet ready to give up convenience for sustainability

How Procurement Can Contribute to Taking Care of the Environment

Businesses are now taking responsibility for how they can affect the environment and society with their business operations. However, not many businesses know how to contribute to taking care of the environment through their business operations. 

Thus, we are going to tell you about opportunities in your procurement that can help you lessen your impact on the environment and society.

1. Energy and climate-conscious purchasing

By purchasing consciously, the business can contribute to energy savings, reduce carbon emissions, and switch to sustainable energy resources. 

To do this, you can challenge your suppliers to minimize their greenhouse gas emissions in their production process, use energy-efficient machines, lessen their transport movements, and use sustainable energy. 

2. Using environmentally-friendly materials

Businesses should source sustainably produced raw materials that are made from recycled materials or products produced without harmful substances. 

The usage of sustainable packaging is becoming a trend for many companies. It is made to reduce the environmental footprint of traditional packaging. To give you an example, you may think that plant-based packaging may be a good option. 

However, it might be harmful as there will be a rise in demand for plant-based materials. You must take note that a label that says “eco-friendly” does not mean that it is sustainable. 

3. Efficiency to water and soil

As a procurement professional, you can try to reduce the negative impact on water and soil by tendering sustainable materials for road construction, hydraulic engineering, and landscaping projects. 

Thus, you can minimize the emission of harmful substances to water, soil, and air and influence the groundwater level as little as possible.

4. Attention to the surrounding environment

In your years as a procurement professional, you may happen to have purchased products or services that have an effect on the quality of life of the people around your business. 

Thus, you must consider noise, vibrations, odor and air pollution, litter, weeds, graffiti, and so on. Timely and good communication with local residents and stakeholders is often crucial to succeed in doing this. 

5. Care for nature, biodiversity, space

Your procurement process can contribute to a positive impact on nature and biodiversity by looking for solutions that serve multiple interests at the same time.

For example, you can use bio-based raw materials which replace fossil raw materials that have a huge negative effect on the planet. It is interesting to opt for biobased alternatives because the costs during the lifespan can be lower and the production process is often more environmentally friendly.

If you want to know more about a sustainable environment, then try our Sustainable Procurement Course. Our course will give you a deeper insight into how your procurement process can contribute to the environment while also aiming for high profits. Enroll now!

Frequentlyasked questions

+ What is a sustainable environment?

It refers to the ability to maintain an ecological balance in the planet’s natural environment and conserve natural resources to support the needs of the present and the future.

+ Why is it important?

A sustainable environment is important as it will help us to sustain the needs of the people now and in the future.

+ What are bio-based materials?

These are materials derived from raw materials such as plants and other renewable materials.

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