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Vendor Management Best PracticesThe Ultimate Guide of 2023

Vendor management best practices are utilized to boost business growth and productivity. However, many organizations do not know these best practices in their industry.

For this article, we will discuss what the best practices in vendor management are. We will also share the benefits of vendor management that will captivate you to use it. 

After reading this article, you will be able to manage the organization well through the best practices tips that we shared with you. You will also know how important vendor management is for the organization to manage its suppliers. 

What is Vendor Management?

For starters, vendor management is used to describe the processes used to manage their suppliers or vendors. 

It takes appropriate measures to control costs, reduce potential supplier risks, and ensures excellent service deliverability from vendors. 

The vendor management process involves several different stages which are:

1. Vendor sourcing 

This process is where the organizations search for the right vendors who will provide its product or services. You can research by using the internet or social media applications like LinkedIn. 

2. Contract negotiations

Once you have identified your potential vendors, usually, you ask them to send quotes in the form of RFPs and RFQs

Through their quotes, you can compare their prices. Additionally, you should compare and evaluate some factors like reputation, capacity, security practices, and effective communication. 

3. Monitor vendor performance

The organization needs to build metrics for assessing vendor performance. This is important so that you will know if the vendors meet your standards. 

Depending on their scorecard, the organization can retain them or replace them with a different vendor. 

4. Risk management

This process involves evaluating potential risks that could negatively impact the organization. It includes data security, intellectual violations, compliance issues, and lawsuits.

5. Payments

Once the organization receives the goods and the invoice, it is now time to make timely a payment. Paying in time can foster good vendor relationships. 

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    4 Vendor Management Best Practices

    1. Convey your defined goals and objectives to the organization

    When engaging with vendors, the organization must clearly define its goals and expectations from the vendors. 

    The organization must let the vendors know the current and future requirements so that they will know how to align with the objectives of the organization. 

    Furthermore, the organization can collaborate better if the vendors are on the same page. It helps to reduce risks related to vendor compliance and performance, and evaluate the vendors. 

    2. Set deadlines that are realistic

    It is important to set your goals and deadlines as realistic as possible to the vendors. Setting deadlines that are not achievable can slow down vendor performance and value creation. Additionally, it increases risks and prevents a meaningful collaboration with your vendors. 

    3. Collaboration

    Simply negotiating the pricing and performance leads to the completion of the contract. However, when you collaborate with your vendor, that is where the magic begins. 

    It leads to valuable, long-term relationship building that will allow both parties to brainstorm ideas about how value creation can be maximized. 

    4. Establish key performance indicators (KPI)

    The organization can realize that the vendors are meeting the standard or expectations set for them by using key performance indicators.

    This is utilized to measure the capability of the vendors and to know if the vendor management process is effective. 

    What is a Vendor Management System

    A vendor management system (VMS) is a cloud-based software platform that solves the common problem of organizations such as finding, engaging, and managing their external workforce.

    Nowadays, the vendor management system is key to the success of any procurement team. Using it will help the procurement team to make the most of the supplier relationship. 

    Examples of Vendor Management System

    1. SAP Fieldglass

    It is a cloud-based, open vendor management system that helps businesses in finding, engaging, managing, paying, and unlocking value from the external workforce. 

    SAP helps transform how external workforces run. It guides hiring managers to know the best supplier. 

    It includes features such as built-in mobility, workforce visibility, automation process, increased security, and advanced reporting. 

    2. Oracle HCM cloud

    It is a complete solution that connects every human resource process from hire to retirement. Oracle provides a consistent experience across devices. 

    It delivers an end-to-end solution that allows hiring manager admins to meet the changing needs of the business on a global scale through its advanced HCM controls, robust dashboards, and insightful analytics

    Oracle’s system helps create human experiences and strengthens the agility of an organization. 

    3. Beeline VMS

    Beeline VMS has everything that an organization needs to automate all categories of its non-employee workforce. 

    It is a powerful software as a service platform that automates the current process in your organization that can save you time and money.

    Frequentlyasked questions

    + What are vendor management best practices?

    These are the activities or processes that can make the vendor management of an organization effective and efficient.

    + What is vendor management?

    Vendor management is used to describe the processes used to manage their suppliers or vendors.

    + What is a vendor management system?

    A VMS is a web-based software that allows the organization to manage its entire contingent workforce hiring process in one easy-to-use solution.

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