Negotiation Quotes – 11 Legendary Quotes Full of Wisdom

Do negotiation quotes still work in this age of modern science and technology? Are negotiators still taking these quotes to heart? We’ll find out with this article.

We are going to discuss what we believe are the 11 legendary negotiation quotes that every negotiator should remember to help guide them to a successful negotiation!

Once you’re done reading this article, you should have remembered each of these quotes by heart!

Negotiation Quotes Still Work!

Despite how most negotiators look at negotiations right now as a science, negotiation quotes make the whole experience more interesting. It’s because negotiations are often a by-product of age and experience. Meaning the more negotiations you’ve handled, the more experienced you are in handling how discussions come and go.

An experienced negotiator often handles negotiations as if they are conductors in a concert. And we’re not talking about negotiators who’ve handled hundreds of negotiations in his/her lifetime. We are talking about a negotiator who knows his/her stuff, just like most of the graduates who finished our Negotiation Gamechanger course.

But sometimes, a negotiator can also look back at a certain quote that can help them feel nostalgic and excited. It could be a quote that helped a negotiator in dealing with a difficult procurement process or a motivational negotiation quote that helped lift up their spirits during a hectic negotiation discussion. 

Whatever the reason may be, it’s no doubt that negotiation quotes still have their charm!

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The 11 Legendary Negotiation Quotes

These legendary negotiation quotes can help you think about new ways on how to go about your negotiation styles, how to become more confident before the actual negotiations, or how to accept your failures and your victories and move on. 

1. “During a negotiation, it would be wise not to take anything personally. If you leave personalities out of it, you will be able to see opportunities more objectively.” – Brian Koslow

2. “Negotiation in the classic diplomatic sense assumes parties are more anxious to agree than to disagree.”Dean Acheson

3. “The most difficult thing in any negotiation, almost, is making sure that you strip it of the emotion and deal with the facts.”Howard Baker

4. “This is a classic negotiation technique. It’s a gentle, soft indication of your disapproval and a great way to keep negotiating. Count to 10. By then, the other person usually will start talking and may very well make a higher offer.”Bill Coleman

5. “Let us never negotiate out of fear. But let us never fear to negotiate.”John F. Kennedy

6. “Don’t bargain yourself down before you get to the table.”Carol Frohlinger

7. “He who has learned to disagree without being disagreeable has discovered the most valuable secret of a diplomat.”Robert Estabrook

8. “You must never try to make all the money that’s in a deal. Let the other fellow make some money too because if you have a reputation for always making all the money, you won’t have many deals.”J. Paul Getty

9. “The most important trip you may take in life is meeting people halfway.”Henry Boyle

10. “The worst thing you can say is ‘I want $X for this job,’ leaving no opening for negotiation by the other side. Better language is ‘I hope to earn between $X and $X.’ That gives the other party more flexibility.”Bill Coleman

11. “If you come to a negotiation table saying you have the final truth, that you know nothing but the truth and that is final, you will get nothing.”Harri Holkeri

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