12 Best Negotiation Books of 2022 You Must Know

For the upcoming and more experienced negotiator, reading the best negotiation books is a must. These books are not just going to help you with improving your skills in negotiating, but will also give you something to do during your downtime. 

With this article, we are going to identify the 12 best negotiating books for this year. These books are a must-have for anyone who wants to improve their negotiation skills. We will talk about what these books are about, who their authors are, and why we are recommending these books. 

By the end of this article, you already have an idea of what to look for the next time you go on a trip to the (online) bookstore.

The 12 Best Negotiation Books

The books recommended are often available in most local bookstores. If not, they can be bought online or you can borrow them from the library.

Some of the books showcased are source materials for the Negotiation Gamechanger course. So it’s really important if you can get either two or three of these books as a reference!

1. Mindful Negotiation – Becoming More Aware in the Moment, Conquering your Ego, and Getting Everyone What They Want

Author: Gaetan Pellerin

Why this Book is Recommended: This book covers everything you need for becoming a master negotiator. Topics such as being accepted, fear of failure, and incompetence are discussed at great length in this book. It tells the story of a young woman who is going through a ton of negotiation failures, personal development, setbacks, and self-awareness. The further you read into the book, the more it is revealed how the woman can get back up. No spoilers, so you’re going to have to buy the book to find out!

2. Negotiate Without Fear – Strategies and Tools to Maximize your Outcomes

Author: Victoria Medvec

Why this Book is Recommended: As the title suggests, being able to negotiate without fear will certainly give you the edge you need. No one can stop during negotiations. Of course, the book tells you more. It’s not just about being able to negotiate with courage, you also need to learn new skills in negotiation. The book covers a lot of those and is a must-have for negotiators who want to improve their craft. This book will help you to feel comfortable in uncomfortable situations. 

3. Stop Getting Fu*ked by Technical Recruiters – A Nerd’s Guide to Negotiating Salary and Benefits

Author: Scott Turdman, Zoe Rose

Why this Book is Recommended: To become a good (or better) negotiator, you must have the skill ready at any point in time where you need to negotiate to get what you want. Take negotiating your salary for example. If you keep getting tricked by recruiters to agree to their terms when it comes to your salary, then you are doing a poor job as a negotiator. This book will teach you the secrets to getting those pesky recruiters to say “yes” every time you need to negotiate for your salary. If that’s not a good reason for picking this book, then nothing will.

4. Litigation Interest and Risk Assessment – Help your Clients Make Good Litigation Decisions

Author: Heather Dianne Heavin, John Lande Isidor Loeb Professor Emeritus, Michaela Keet

Why this Book is Recommended: This book will help you recognize and avoid common decision-making errors when it comes to litigation. That’s because it has information on court outcomes, thus giving you an idea of how it will end. A good book not just for those involved in the settlement of lawsuits, but for up-and-coming negotiators as well. Risk assessment is very important to close good deals for any negotiator. 

5. Even CEOs Get Fired

Author: Jotham Stein

Why this Book is Recommended: This book is all about how employees, executives, and entrepreneurs protect themselves while employed or if they are running a business. Based on 25 years of experience in protecting known executives and employees around the country, Jotham Stein is a Silicon Valley lawyer who will guide you through all the pitfalls and practices that he uses to help his client. Learning from faults and how to counter possible attacks on your arguments & storyline (like in court in this book) is a must if you want to become the best negotiator yourself. 

6. Stealing From Your Future Self – How to break through your Insecurities and confidently negotiate your salary

Author: Philip A. Spencer

Why this Book is Recommended: The book title is quite the catch. Because if you can’t break through your insecurities and negotiate a good salary, then you’re stealing from your future self. 

We’ve even discussed this in one of our posts about salary negotiation. The topic is just that important!

In this book, right after reading a few books on negotiations, the author managed to help his friend get a $17,500 raise with the use of a simple email. Now if that doesn’t amaze you, then nothing else will. His methods and techniques are well thought out in this book. This book is another gem for negotiators who want to improve their craft in negotiations.

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7. Negotiation Essentials for Lawyers

Author: Andrea Kupfer Scheider, Chris Honeyman

Why this Book is Recommended: Considered an easy-to-use guide for lawyers, this book will help you figure out quickly what went wrong with yesterday’s meetings. It will also teach you how to fix things during tomorrow’s follow-up meeting. A good book to have for professional negotiators, this will give the reader the skills needed to create a good meeting atmosphere and the skills to get the results that they want after the meeting.

8. Getting More: How You Can Negotiate to Succeed in Work and Life

Author: Stuart Diamond

Why this Book is Recommended: Statistics say that most employees are not happy in their workplace. Whether it has something to do with career goals or salary objectives, what matters is how one spends their day at work. This book tells us that if we choose to spend our working hours miserably, then chances are higher we are not getting work done. This book is all about improving the quality of work relationships and it always often leads to living quality lives. As a negotiator, this is an invaluable lesson that you want to learn.

9. Bargaining for Advantage: Negotiation Strategies for Reasonable People

Author: G. Richard Shell

Why this Book is Recommended: Negotiations are often a challenge of wits and sometimes, you need to have the courage to sacrifice a trump card or two to get the results that you want. This is what the book is all about. The sacrifices you make won’t be in vain though, because once your plans are put into place and everything comes according to plan, then you’ll stand to gain a lot more once the challenge is over.

10. Difficult Conversations: How To Discuss What Matters Most

Author: Douglas Stone, Bruce Patton, Sheila Heen, Roger Fisher

Why this Book is Recommended: Have you ever encountered difficulty in trying to talk about things that matter the most during negotiations? If you did, then this book is recommended for you. We all have those things that we don’t want to discuss. It feels like trying to converse about such topics always seems to cause misunderstandings with other people. This book will give you ideas on how to find courage when speaking your mind. A must-have not just for people who want to improve their social skills, but for negotiators too!

11. Crucial Conversation Tools for Talking When Stakes are High

Author: Kerry Patterson, Joseph Grenny, Ron McMillan, Al Switzler

Why this Book is Recommended: This is another great book that focuses on emotional preparation before a negotiation. Having the mental toughness to take on several negotiations in a week will look good for your reputation. Of course, such things need preparation and that is what this book is all about. Taking decisions based on your morals and values while having the confidence to say what you want will earn you the reputation of a professional negotiator.

12. Bonus: The Negotiation Gamechanger Syllabus

Author: The Procurement Tactics Team

Why this Book is Recommended: Think of this as the ultimate bonus book for procurement managers who want to step up their game! 

The Syllabus is an important piece of the Negotiation Gamechanger. This book will show you the courses to take to improve your negotiations and procurement skills. It’s also a great reference book when you start our course, so you’ll definitely want to get this resource!


What are negotiation books?

Negotiation books are books that teach the reader how to become an expert in negotiations.

What are the best negotiation books?

The best negotiation books are books that teach the reader how to behave and talk during negotiations. Emotional fortitude is also taught in these books

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