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Negotiation Speaker 2023 – 10 Most Popular Experts

Many negotiation professionals attend seminars and conferences to be uplifted and learn new things in their profession through negotiation speakers.

In this article, we will check some negotiation speakers that you can listen to and be inspired by their journey regarding negotiation. 

Once you finish reading this article, we hope that we have helped you to find negotiation speakers that can help you through your journey through their stories.

10 Most Popular negotiation Speakers of 2023

10. Lousin Mehrabi

10. Lousin Mehrabi

Lousin Mehrabi is an international speaker, trainer, and advisor in negotiations, emotional intelligence, and leadership. She is selected as one of the most influential negotiation professionals globally. 

Lousin began her career in finance in 2001, on the high-pressure trading floors of investment banks. She was responsible for sales and strategy within financial institutions such as Citigroup and the New York Stock Exchange-Euro next for nearly 15 years.

As the global head of negotiation training for ADN Group, She provides masterclasses and advisory on complex negotiations. She is qualified as a certified professional negotiator by the International Scientific Experts Committee of Negotiators.

Lousin believes that the world will become a better place through the art and science of negotiation. She teaches people to become better negotiators to reach meaningful agreements in every aspect of life. 

In her podcast called “Life negotiations”, She talks to the world’s best negotiators and shares negotiation skills to help people resolve conflict peacefully.

9. Dr. Robert Cialdini

9. Dr. Robert Cialdini

Dr. Robert Cialdini spent his career researching the science of influence, earning him an international reputation as an expert in the fields of compliance, persuasion, and negotiation. 

He is also the author of the bestselling book, “Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion”, which is one of the 12 best business books of all time. His new book, “Pre-Suasion: A Revolutionary Way to Influence and Persuade”, quickly became a New York Times and Wall Street Journal Bestseller.

Due to the worldwide recognition of Dr. Cialdini’s scientific research and his ethical business and policy applications, he is known as the “Godfather of influence”. 

His clients include Google, Microsoft, Cisco Systems, Coca-Cola, NATO, The United States Department of Justice, Kodak, Pfizer, IBM, and many more well-known companies.

8. Jacob Gorm Larsen

8. Jacob Gorm Larsen

Jacob Gorm Larsen is a recognized thought leader on digital procurement and the founder of Moneyball CPH which is a boutique consultancy that specializes in digital procurement. 

He spent almost 17 years with Maersk, last as the head of digital procurement. Jacob Gorm Larsen is responsible for an award-winning program with more than 10,000 e-auctions in all parts of the world.

His book, “A Practical Guide to E-auctions for Procurement”, is considered the leading book on the subject of applying e-auctions for market-driven negotiations.

7. Selena Rezvani

7. Selena Rezvani

Selena Rezvani is an award-winning author of two books and an expert on self-advocacy and leadership. 

She is known internationally as a women’s leadership speaker and consultant, TEDx-er, award-winning journalist, and author. 

Additionally, she offers workshops to teams and conferences including her sought-after “Be Your Own Fierce Self-Advocate” workshop.

Selena has spoken for and worked with clients such as Cisco, AstraZeneca, Microsoft, and many more well-known companies.

6. Dr. Nashater Deu Solheim

6. Dr. Nashater Deu Solheim

Dr. Nashater Deu Solheim holds a doctorate in Psychology from the University of Surrey, UK, and is a master negotiator from Harvard Law School’s Executive Program. 

Currently, she is the CEO and founder of Progressing Minds AS which specializes in negotiation and influence training for business performance improvement. 

She has spent many years as a clinical, neuro, and forensic psychologist working with offenders including psychopaths in maximum security settings. Through this, she understands their minds and uses them to influence challenging behavior. 

She helps her clients to navigate complex situations with multiple stakeholders, finding how to persuade, influence, and negotiate with the people around them.

5. Kare Anderson

5. Kare Anderson

Kare Anderson is a respected columnist for Forbes and Huffington Post. She is also an Emmy-winning former NBC and Wall Street Journal Reporter. 

She captivates audiences with her keynotes that teach personal and professional strengthening through direct engagement, thoughtful collaboration, and positive communication.

Kare Anderson created over 208 issues-formation teams for former President Obama’s first run for office. She is a master at getting a message across and connecting with others to turn situations into opportunities.


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4. Colleen Francis

4. Colleen Francis

Colleen Francis is a seasoned sales pro and helped businesses around the world to boost their sales in numbers and optimize their performance.

Over the last 15 years, she has helped organizations of all shapes and sizes. The Sales and Marketing Management magazine has called Colleen and her company, Engage Selling, one of the top 5 most effective sales training organizations in the market today. 

Author of three books, her work covers every step of the buying process that equipped readers with effective strategies for both the short and long term.

3.  Linda Swindling

3. Linda Swindling

Linda Swindling is an expert negotiator and a former attorney. She gained first-hand courtroom experience in negotiating difficult cases and had tremendous success in closing multimillion-dollar deals. 

She is committed to showing leaders how to negotiate using proven key strategies. Her keynotes are always engaging and offer solid tactics which work in real-life situations. 

Linda Swindling is frequently hired by Fortune 500 companies such as KPMG, Pepsico, and Metlife. 

As a Certified Speaking Professional, She helps leaders to improve their sales opportunities, strengthen business connections, and communicate more effectively. Nonetheless, she shows leaders how to have the courage and confidence to ask boldly to get what they want. 

2. Michael Watkins

2. Michael Watkins

Michael Watkins is the world’s leading expert on accelerating transitions. He is a bestselling author who has previously taught at prestigious institutions such as IMD in Switzerland, INSEAD in France, and the Harvard Business School. 

His book, The First 90 Days: Critical Success Strategies for New Leaders at all Levels, is considered the definitive text on onboarding. His work has garnered many awards such as the 2006 Kulp-Wright Book award and the 2002 CPR Institute Negotiation Book prize.

Michael brought his experience of business transitions to Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government where he taught negotiation to senior leaders in the national security community. 

The experience he earned has provided him with the material for a highly regarded series of case studies on international negotiations and the book Breakthrough International negotiation. 

The book, Breakthrough International Negotiation that he co-authored with Susan Rosegrant won the CPR Institute’s Prize for the best book in the field of negotiation in 2001. 

1. Marijn Overvest

1. Marijn Overvest

Of Course, the day will not end without boasting our very own founder, Marijn Overvest. Marijn Overvest has more than 20 years of experience in procurement and negotiations. 

He founded the online training platform, procurement tactics, due to his desire of sharing his knowledge with procurement professionals to pursue their dreams and make an impact in the industry. 

He wants to share his knowledge through the online course that he has extensively made with his experience and expertise that will allow procurement professionals to be well-equipped and successful in the industry. 

Marijn Overvest has been responsible for all three important steps in any negotiation process which are the following:

  • Preparation
  • Negotiation: how to implement your strategy
  • Negotiation: how to implement your strategy

As a procurement manager, he had to deal with 1,500 different products delivered by lots of suppliers every year. His experience in negotiating each day helped him to develop one important skill in negotiation: being unpredictable. 

Through the course of his work as a procurement manager, he has done the following responsibilities:

  • Negotiations with 500+ suppliers regarding purchase prices, promotions, commercial-, legal-, financial and logistical conditions.
  • Annual contract negotiations: Negotiations with €200 Mio + deals with suppliers like Unilever, Heinz, Pepsico
  • Creating long-term strategy: conducting yearly annual procurement Plan
  • Negotiation experience with over 200+ account managers and commercial & sales directors
  • Negotiated with people from over 30+ countries & cultures around the world
  • Created over 300+ negotiation plans: being a sparring partner for procurement managers in their process of creating negotiation plans
  • Implementation of long-term Procurement & Sourcing strategy: conducting & implementing an annual procurement Plan for over 8 years
  • Preparation & implementation of many e-auctions with €1 million + savings
  • Contract & Supplier management: check if agreements are being complied with and deal with possible bottlenecks

Procurement tactics and our founder, Marijn Overvest, believe that better deal results are driven by three very important variables: empathic negotiation design, negotiation preparation, and negotiation tactics.

First, We believe that a 100% clear understanding of the negotiation opponent via Empathic negotiation design is the key to any successful negotiation result. Whether you’re experienced or new to the field of negotiations, you will need to understand the other party to achieve better results.

Even though Negotiation Preparation is the second driver of success in any negotiation, too often individuals or organizations rush into negotiations without proper planning, taking a ‘prepared’ seat at the negotiation table gives power, confidence, and creative solution thinking. Before any negotiation, make sure to understand your position, but also the position of your negotiation counterpart.

Lastly, Negotiation tactics are the third important variable to achieve great deal results. Your ultimate deal will be determined by how skilled you are as a negotiator. The more skilled you are, the more the other party will be drawn to settle close to your ideal outcome and closer to their limit.

Frequentlyasked questions

+ What are negotiation speakers?

Negotiation speakers are people who wanted to share their journey in negotiation to inspire others through the extensive experience and knowledge they gained in the industry.

+ What is negotiation?

Negotiation is a process between two or more parties that seek a solution to a common issue in which both parties will mutually benefit.

+ What does it take to be a master negotiator?

We do have our own ways to become master negotiators. However, all master negotiators have empathy. This is due to the fact that negotiation is a two-way street in which both parties must benefit to make a fruitful collaboration.

+ Any tips for writing a speech about negotiations?

Make sure to talk from your own experience, and use a lot of real-life examples. If you feel like you need help, you could have a look at this tool called “paper writing help by WritingAPaper“, which provides creative writing, editing presentations, and speeches.


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