Orange Juice Prices – Historical Graph

Real-time chart of historical daily orange prices. The prices are down in U.S. dollar per Lbs.

The current price is and is last updated on .
  • The average price in the past 3 days is
  • The average price in the past 7 days is
  • The average price in the past 30 days is
  • The average price in the past 365 days is

Orange Juice Prices Explained

As you can see orange juice prices are fluctuating. But why is that? And is there a way to predict the price of orange juice?

Why are orange juice prices fluctuating?

Orange juice prices in the market are steadily increasing since December due to present and recurring reasons. Here are the top factors:

1. Climate Change

The alternate severe drought and excessive rainfall greatly affect productivity in orange-producing countries.

The La Nina weather pattern influence in 2022 influences the top orange juice-producing countries. While hurricanes damaged crop growth in California, Brazilian orange growers experienced severe drought which reduced the global orange juice global supply.

Overall, this causes orange juice low supply and high demand in the market.

2. Disease and Pest

During the first quarter of 2022, citrus greening infested Florida’s orange groves which reduced its orange supply to 44.5 million boxes, quite far from its average produce of 244 million boxes per year.

This low-yield crop resulted in a price spike in 2022 and continues in 2023.

 3. Covid

The Covid 19 outbreak bolstered the demand, supply, and orange juice prices as people are scrambling to strengthen their immune systems against the disease.

This trend continues today and therefore drives the price in the market.

4. Consumer Trends

Changes in consumer preferences stem from health concerns. Ultimately, this purchasing attitude shapes the shifting demand and prices of orange juice in the market.

Which variables impact the price of orange juice?

  • Global Supply and Demand
  • Weather Conditions
  • Transportation Cost
  • Government Policies
  • Exchange Rates

Where does orange juice come from?

Sweet orange trees originated in the tropical regions of Asia, specifically in the eastern region of Assam in India, northern Myanmar, and western Yunnan in China.

Arab empire expansion and trade helped the orange tree variety to reach Europe and other countries in the world. Considered as not palatable because of its taste, some herbalists used orange fruit as a medicinal syrup.

Today, this refreshing drink that we enjoy mostly comes from Brazil, the United States, Mexico, the European Union, and South Africa.

When is the orange juice season?

Generally, orange is a winter fruit but its growing and harvesting season depend on the country’s location and weather conditions.

Brazil’s orange juice season starts in mid-June and ends in mid-December. Its peak season occurs from July to September.

The United States orange juice season typically starts from October to June, with three months of peak season in January, February, and March.

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