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Real-time chart of historical daily titanium prices. The prices are shown in kilogram.
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Titanium Prices Explained

The regular titanium price comes along with the development of the aerospace industry. However, the commodity’s application expanded to the electric vehicle industries, and the titanium dioxide market posted value increases early in 2024 which contributed to its fluctuating prices.

Why are titanium prices fluctuating?

1. Production Cost

Titanium is made of relatively rare minerals such as ilmenite and rutile. Additionally, the types of equipment used in titanium production are complex and specialized. Thus, scarcity and personalized manufacturing approaches are two factors that affect titanium prices.

2. International Trade

Tariffs and quotas imposed by the government can disrupt the balance between supply and demand. Therefore, another price fluctuation factor.

3. Technology Advancements

The aircraft industry heavily uses titanium materials for its airframes, landing gear, and engines.

With the constant innovation in the aviation industry coupled with the rising costs of fuel, aircraft makers are utilizing titanium weight-to-strength ratio capacity. It makes aircraft lighter thus, provides an effective fuel-saving method. Therefore, the constant demand for titanium will change the price equilibrium as producers will strive to fill in the need.

4. Alternative Materials

HSCR ( high-strength, corrosion-resistant ) steel is a low-cost substitute for titanium. Favored for its specific strength, high-fatigue strength, good toughness, and corrosion resistance. Some aircraft manufacturers are considering its efficiency in real flight. Overall, HSCR’s availability, quality, and price considerations affect the titanium stand in the market.

Which variables impact the price of titanium?

  • Production Cost
  • International Trade
  • Technology Advancements
  • Alternative Materials
  • Environmental Regulations
  • International Trade

Where does titanium come from?

Generally a lustrous transition metal with a silver color, it is relatively abundant in nature as an oxide. Titanium mostly comes from beach sand deposits and is often associated with other minerals such as zircon, garnet, and magnetite.

Reverend William Gregor discovered titanium in Cornwall, England in 1791 however, it took more than a century for titanium to be prominent in the manufacturing scene thanks to the metallurgist, Matthew A. Hunter who produced it in the U.S. in 1910.

Furthermore, the first titanium plant sponge started in 1950 in Henderson Nevada. In the 1960s, titanium demand started increasing due to its favorable qualities and this continues until today.

Presently, Australia is the largest titanium producer, accounting for 18% of its yearly production. South Africa, Canada, Norway, the United States, China, Japan, and Russia follow closely. 

What is the future price of titanium?

Due to its unique properties and wide range of applications, titanium’s demand and price are set to increase in the coming years.

With the increasing technological development in the aerospace, defense, and automotive industries, titanium demand is propelling the global economy. Additionally, the surging metal market in Asia due to its emerging economies also fuels the need for titanium. The Asian healthcare industries, particularly in China, India, Japan, and South Korea are major consumers of titanium alloys.

Furthermore, the growing Chinese titanium dioxide brings another potential market for this commodity which will likely influence its prices in the coming years.

Overall, the expansion of its usage put its marketability in an upward direction. Thus, the expected trading value of titanium in 2030 will be $18.17 with a compound growth rate of 5% per year. However, this rough estimate is subject to unpredictable factors so, thorough research is necessary.


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